Updates: September 27, 2021: EDEN’S GARDEN: PREPARE FOR PARADISE

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Updates: September 27, 2021: EDEN’S GARDEN: PREPARE FOR PARADISE

Blythe Klipple
When you envision Eden, what do you see? Intertwined twigs and vines? Bounty and beauty blooming at every turn? An aura of stillness and serenity? A haven of happiness and harmony?

Prepare for a collection of paradisical products with the Eden’s Garden promotion! This coveted collection includes a pack of patterned paper in shades of green and gold, a softhearted stamp set, glimmering gems, and so much more. Tempting? (We think so.) From 1 October to 1 November, you can place a preorder and partake of these products! Starting 2 November, you can entice your customers to do the same.

With Stampin’ Up! continuing to experience the effects of global shipping challenges, we want to let you know that the gorgeous Garden Gems (item 159277) may not be available for purchase at the beginning of the preorder period. Consequently, this means the full Eden’s Garden Collection (item 160849) may not be immediately available either. If this becomes the case, we will alert you the second they’re in stock!

Despite these potential delays, continue to generate excitement for the Eden’s Garden Collection among your customers! We do not anticipate any inventory issues that will impact the launch of the customer sales period.

For additional information about global shipping challenges and their impact on our product availability, refer to this Weekly Update.

To learn more about these appetizing products, visit the promotion page!