UPDATES: SEPTEMBER 14, 2021: Weekly Updates

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UPDATES: SEPTEMBER 14, 2021: Weekly Updates

Blythe Klipple

Our Stampin’ Up! Day of Service will be held on Thursday, 16 September. This year, we’ll be focusing on heart health in alignment with our product giveback, the Strong of Heart Stamp Set.

We are so excited to invite demonstrators to join us in making a difference! There are many different ways to participate and benefit your local communities. Demonstrators can support local causes they’re passionate about, or they can join us in focusing on heart health education, resources, and support. Some of the ways you can contribute to this cause no matter where you’re located are:

Blood donation
CPR training
Donating needed items to a local hospital
Engaging your community in a heart-healthy wellness activity
Donating or sending encouraging cards to healthcare workers
We hope you’ll join us and find ways to benefit your community on 16 September. Please share your Stampin’ Up! Day of Service experiences using #SUDifferenceMaker on Facebook and Instagram.


Starting at 10:00 am (MT), registration for the Business Development Program begins! If you are selected to participate, you will have coaching calls with a Business Development Advisor (BDA) once every other week and receive guidance in these crucial business topics:

Identifying areas of opportunity for your business
Establishing short- and long-term action plans
Creating effective accountability systems
As a reminder, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and your entire form must be completed before any assignments can be made. Please also note that registration closes on 24 September at 10:00 pm (MT), so make sure to get your registration form submitted before time runs out!

This program is intended to provide you with helpful resources for building your business as an independent demonstrator. We will help you establish expectations for your business and explore your strengths and how they can help you grow. This is not a training program for demonstrators trying to learn more about the terms and policies within Stampin’ Up! Your advisor will push you to make your own, independent decisions for your business, mainly because you know your business and local area better than we ever could.

We are excited and hopeful that you will consider this program. We look forward to helping you progress in your business as an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. Click here to register.


The new Stampin’ Up! year is fast approaching. To keep your current title and all its benefits into the 2021–2022 Stampin’ Up! year, you will need to meet all of your title’s requirements by 11:50 PM (MT) on 30 September. On 1 October, Stampin’ Up! will review the performance of every demonstrator to determine the title at which they’re performing; demonstrators who are not meeting their title requirements will be retitled accordingly. For example, in order to maintain the benefit of 25% instant income, you will need to meet title requirements for bronze elite by the stated deadline; otherwise, you will be retitled to bronze and return to earning 20% instant income. To learn more about titles and title requirements, read the Titles section of the Compensation Plan document, including the Titles Q & A. If you are not on track to maintain your title for the new Stampin’ Up! year, you will see a Progress to Maintain Title graph on your My Reports dashboard that will help you track how you’re doing.


Ready to roast chestnuts on an open fire? With sprinkles of snow, shimmering silver skies, and heartwarming holiday wishes, the Peaceful Christmas Paper Pumpkin Kit is the perfect pick to kickstart your Christmas crafting.

Brew a cup of cocoa, snuggle up with a soft blanket, and prepare for a cozy craft night in with October’s Christmas kit! To find out more about this fun, festive, and frosted kit, dash through the snow and make your way to the promotion page.


Demonstrator Development Managers (DDMs) work with demonstrators in a variety of ways. For instance, over the past few years, the DDM have worked with Demonstrator Councils, that provided feedback and helped test new ideas to motivate and engage with demonstrators. After testing and learning things that work, they assessed what might be implemented on a larger scale.

The focus of the 2020 councils was building connections with demonstrators who report directly to Stampin’ Up! and help determine how to better support them.

After evaluating all projects, the decision was made to hold a virtual meeting with direct to Stampin’ Up! demonstrators three times a year based on what had been learned from Demonstrator Councils this past year.

The first one will take place in October 2021. For 2022, these meetings are scheduled in February, June, and October.

If you report directly to Stampin’ Up!, watch out for an email from your Demonstrator Development Manager in the coming weeks with all the details.

We would like to thank all the council members who have participated and helped us last year, and will continue to do so. We are appreciative of your time and input and look forward to working with more demonstrators in the future in various ways.


We recently sent an important email to demonstrators in your market. You may also reference the message here.


To review last week’s updates, click here.


If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

~Blythe Klipple, updates coordinator