UPDATES: May 4, 2021: Current Updates (1 of 4 updates)

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UPDATES: May 4, 2021: Current Updates (1 of 4 updates)

Blythe Klipple


                                                                   Tuesday, May 4, 2021


The 2021–2022 Annual Catalog sales period begins 4 May! Here are a few important reminders:

You can order single copies of the new annual catalog starting today! See the Catalog Details or Supply Items page for item numbers and prices. Catalog corrections are posted on the Catalogs page

All annual catalog product videos are now available for customers. Visit the 2021–2022 Annual Catalog page to browse and download marketing resources.


New Bundle Focus selling tools are now available! If you don’t know about the Bundle Focus program, take a few minutes to learn how it could help you in your business. Don’t wait, start planning with the new items or choose from previously posted bundles. 


The Connect, Craft & Collect promotion starts today! Take this opportunity to reach out to your customers to host a party so they can enjoy the promotion benefits. And please join us on 11 May in the Demonstrator Planning Place Facebook Group, where we’ll share videos from fellow demonstrators that include tips and best practices to make this promotion a success.


Complete your craft space with the pretty and portable Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machines. Whether you choose the standard machine or the mini, it will look perfect in your space. This machine is not only useful, but oh, so beautiful! Share these machines with your customers so they’ll want to purchase this must-have tool for themselves!


We want to remind you of some important policies related to sharing Stampin’ Up! products or the demonstrator opportunity with others. When doing so, you need to avoid earnings claims, lifestyle claims, and statements that claim people may experience health benefits when using our products. When sharing the business opportunity with others, you should also avoid referring to the current pandemic or targeting those affected by the pandemic.

If you have specific questions about what is okay to say or post on social media, our compliance team is here to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact Demonstrator Support and they will gladly answer your questions.  

Additionally, in an effort to partner with demonstrators, our compliance team continues to proactively search for social media posts, images, and videos that may cause concern. They will reach out to demonstrators if they find anything questionable, misleading, or concerning. They are here to help; if you hear from one of our team members, please respond to them to quickly and remove or replace any posts in question. 

We encourage you to review your own posts and remove anything that implies earnings claims, lifestyle claims, product claims, or refers to the current pandemic in any way. 

Here are some additional details to help you as you evaluate your posts:

Earnings Claims: Earnings claims include providing false or inaccurate information. They also include sharing misleading or uncommon results that generally are not achievable without consistent and considerable effort over time. This includes posts with actual earnings and experiences, but those earnings and experiences are not common, or they imply results that are not typical of the average demonstrator. 

Lifestyle Claims: These include images, videos, or descriptions that imply a lifestyle enabled by earnings, rewards, or recognition from Stampin’ Up! that is not the typical experience of the average demonstrator. For example, you should not refer to the opportunity for incentive trips or other atypical recognition or awards when advertising the business opportunity. Images surrounding your recruiting efforts should not imply that joining Stampin’ Up! will provide the ability to acquire wealth, financial lifestyles, or exotic trips as a result of joining. You should also avoid implying any monetary gains outside the context of the work and time required to reach those rare achievements. Furthermore, anything that implies a recruit “doesn’t have to work,” can “fire their boss,” or “replace their full-time job” are all examples of misleading information because they don’t reflect the experience of the average demonstrator. 

Product Claims: This issue is likely more relevant to other direct selling companies in the health and wellness category but can still apply to us. You must avoid implying that any Stampin’ Up! products or activities cure or address any specific health or wellness issue. Please do not make any claims that the use of Stampin’ Up! products can replace or supplement any medical or emotional treatments recommended by a doctor or qualified professional.

Pandemic: The current Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world. There are many who have been affected economically and in other ways. Do not focus on the current unemployment rates or imply our business opportunity can replace any previous income lost due to the pandemic. Please do not mention Covid-19 (or any of its associated names) or leverage current economic or medical concerns in your recruiting in any way. While we currently see Coronavirus being mentioned in almost all advertising for other companies, Stampin’ Up! demonstrators should strictly avoid it. We are grateful for your partnership in this effort and invite you to reach out with any questions.


Ever wondered if you could be a business-builder? Got beginner or new customers who are looking for creative confidence and might need some help getting started? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we’ve got a pre-designed, precut, and choreographed solution just for you: It’s called the Kits Collection by Stampin’ Up!, and it was made to help you grow your business while introducing beginners to kits that build confidence and encourage creative exploration. 

If you’re a leader, the Kits Collection is perfect for helping you coach new team members on selling and holding events, showing them how simple it can be. The customers simply purchase the kit of their choice online; the demonstrator arranges for a place to meet—either virtually or in person. So easy!


Our exciting JOIN+ offer has begun today! From 4–31 May, new team members will get even more FREE products in their customizable Starter Kit. For $99 USD | $135 CAD they’ll get $125 USD | $165 CAD $155 USD | $206 CAD worth of products + free business supplies + free shipping + all the fun being a part of our fantastic community! Visit the promotion page, which includes fabulous information to help you get started spreading the word + training and shareable resources. Don’t wait! Time’s already running out on this incredible offer. 


Strike one, strike two, strike three—don’t strike out on this month’s perfect pitch of a kit! There’s only one week left to subscribe to the Batter Up! Paper Pumpkin Kit. This one’s a game you won’t want to miss!

Celebrate your loved ones in a league of their own with bold primary colors, classic pinwheel and pinstripe patterns, and a stamp set fit for an MVP. Made with men, sport-lovin’ ladies, and baseball fanatics in mind, this timeless “throwback” kit is the perfect pick for honoring the all-stars, MVPS, and legends all around you—no matter what team they play on!

Plus, this month, we have a fun promotion planned to help you become an all-star at drafting new subscribers: the Paper Pumpkin SUBSCRIBE-A-THON! To learn more about this un-bat-able deal, visit the promotion page.

Cheer on any champion with the Batter Up! kit—there’s no “batter” way to do it! Step up to the plate before it’s too late. To subscribe, click here (US | CA)! For a last-minute play-by-play on promoting the kit to your customers, swing by the promotion page.


Due to significant cost increases passed to us, there will be a price change for the Plastic Logo Bags (item 150897). We always evaluate price thoroughly, and after careful consideration we concluded that a price increase was necessary to continue offering the Plastic Logo Bags. We appreciate your understanding as we do our best to continue providing the products you know and love. Please find new pricing here


We want to keep you informed about the availability of the Impression Mats (item 149660). We are making every effort to release the Impression Mats but are still unsure of a launch date. We anticipate a launch later in 2021 but will continue to keep you posted. Please keep checking our Weekly Update. We will let you know once we have a firm date of availability.


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If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator