UPDATES: February 16, 2021: WEEKLY UPDATES 16 February 2021

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UPDATES: February 16, 2021: WEEKLY UPDATES 16 February 2021

Blythe Klipple


                   16 February 2021


We are always so excited to connect and celebrate with you at our events, and this year is no exception. While we were hoping to be together at our BackStage and OnStage events this year, there are still too many factors* at play with the Covid-19 pandemic for us to hold these events in person. We are of course disappointed we won’t be able to gather with our leaders in Las Vegas for BackStage or with everyone at our planned locations for November OnStage, but we are happy to still connect virtually in a meaningful way. 

Those who attended our 2020 virtual events were thrilled with the experience and received lots of business and creative tips, a chance to network with other demonstrators and Stampin’ Up! staff, and received exciting goodies in the mail. Our virtual events this year will deliver another amazing experience for you!

We have even found that meeting virtually brings you unique benefits such as:

  • Easy access to the content for you to watch and re-watch after the event.
  • Bringing our events to more of you as you can easily attend without taking days away from home to travel.
  • The opportunity to come together virtually without incurring travel costs.

Keep in mind that we will share registration and event details a little later than we typically do since you won’t need the information to book travel. Watch for more details about BackStage starting about a month before registration starts, which we expect to open by the end of May. You’ll start receiving OnStage details by August and registration will occur at some point after BackStage. In the meantime, clear your schedule for the event dates and plan to join us! You can review the dates and high-level information on the pages here:


While we’re excited to offer these virtual events, we want to emphasize that we still believe it is important to gather in person. As soon as we can safely do that and still meet the objectives of our events, we will be ready to go!

*Some of the factors that complicate us holding in-person events in 2021 involve: 

  • Limits on attendee capacity and spacing that would make it hard to meet our attendance goals and provide a beneficial networking opportunity for you.
  • Ability to provide the needed information and customer service for things like possible COVID-19 test requirements.
  • Most of our markets currently have government-mandated restrictions or travel bans which inhibits us from providing the necessary event staffing due to affected cross-border travel.
  • Complications around planning for in-person events when it’s impossible to predict the state of the pandemic and related travel or event restrictions through the rest of 2021.


As our Maui incentive trip achievers are well aware, the 2020 trip was postponed to 2021 and there are also pandemic-related factors affecting the trip we will hold this year. For example, South Pacific and European achievers will unfortunately not be able to join us on the trip because of their countries’ government-mandated travel bans to Hawaii.  

Some of you may wonder why we are holding the incentive trip in person while our OnTour, BackStage, and OnStage events are all virtual this year. There are many differences between the trip and our other events that we considered when making these decisions. The goal of the incentive trip is to reward demonstrators while the goal of our other events is to gather demonstrators together to learn and network which is harder to facilitate safely in person. Achievers can still enjoy activities in Maui in a safe way as they venture out with their trip guest(s), and in the few instances the achievers gather together, they’ll be able to do so safely outside. Our other events would require sitting indoors with hundreds of people for several hours. Along with this, the spacing and capacity requirements at venues for BackStage and OnStage would severely limit the amount of people able to attend and would prohibit us from meeting our event goals.


Have you registered for OnTour yet? These three-hour live virtual events, hosted by our demonstrator development managers, are designed to kickstart and support the launch of the 2021–2022 Annual Catalog in your business. You’ll also connect, share, and exchange ideas with other demonstrators. Don’t miss it–register by the end of the day on 24 February!

These virtual locations are sold out:

  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Minneapolis
  • Albany
  • Charlotte
  • Tampa 

But don’t worry! If the event “nearest you” is sold out, just choose the next closest event.

Register here.


The Federal Trade Commission (an American federal agency) is extremely concerned about companies and individuals taking advantage of the financial and emotional distress many are experiencing due to the pandemic. As our industry faces extremely high scrutiny, it is important that Stampin’ Up! demonstrators strictly avoid mentioning COVID-19 (or any of its associated names) in any business related activity. We ask that you keep the following in mind:

  • Do not use COVID-19 as grounds for any recruiting or team building efforts.
  • Do not reference COVID-19 in advertising, social media posts, images, or videos to sell products.
  • Focus on identifying customers who are genuinely interested in the business opportunity. While we do enjoy social connection through Stampin’ Up!, joining should not be advertised as a remedy to COVID-19-related isolation.

If you have specific questions about what is okay to say, our compliance team is here to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact Demonstrator Support and they will gladly provide the answers you need. We appreciate your partnership in this effort.


Climb ev’ry mountain and celebrate ev’ry milestone! With fields of wildflowers, scenery of mountain majesty, and sentiments of celebration, this month’s one-of-a-kind Paper Pumpkin kit—Here’s to You—offers an opportunity to cheer on your friends and family in a beautiful, beaming way.

March’s marvelous, mountain-themed kit contains printed layering pieces of lovely landscapes, strips of colorful die-cut clouds, and a versatile stamp set with celebratory sentiments; with this set of stunning supplies, subscribers can craft a collection of eight adventurous cards and coordinating envelopes. Plus, in this month’s magnificent kit, we’ve included a surprise worth celebrating: a set of four spectacular stencils—and a stamping sponge—for free!

Adventure awaits! To learn more about the Here’s to You Paper Pumpkin Kit, visit the promotion page. And, be sure to stop by our Marketing Toolkit while you’re there! It’s packed with a variety of shareable images you can post to your social media accounts, emails, websites, and more.


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Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator