UPDATES: AUGUST 10, 2021: Weekly Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

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UPDATES: AUGUST 10, 2021: Weekly Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

Blythe Klipple

We continue to monitor news of COVID-19 and account for its possible impact to several business aspects that will affect demonstrators (manufacturing, transportation, travel, events, etc.). The health and safety of demonstrators and staff is important to us and we appreciate your partnership and patience as we work to address this global issue. We are doing all we can to mitigate the impact to your business.

Product Production

We continue trying to balance our workload in our North American manufacturing facility while practicing safe COVID protocols, and you may see delays on our production of stamps, Classic Stampin’ Ink, and cardstock over the coming months.

We continue to see delays in production from some of our North American suppliers due to raw material shortages and increased global demand but they are all continuing to produce products and if that changes, we will let you know.

All the factories we use in China are up and running, but the COVID-19 outbreak has caused more delays than usual in our ability to replenish products. Air freight coming from China is also in high demand, making it difficult to expedite products.

As with many other areas of the world, we are experiencing an increase in Covid cases at our North American manufacturing plant. This is affecting the production of ink pads, ink refills, cardstock, and stamp sets, and may lead to a slight increase in backorders for these products over the coming weeks.


We are seeing significant congestion at each of the ports we ship to around the world, and several of our products on backorder right now are delayed due to this congestion. There are four- to six-week delays in receiving items at the ports, leading to delays in receiving products at our distribution centers. This is a global issue affecting all business sectors, including e-commerce and retail. While we are doing all we can to prevent these delays from affecting you and your business, until the port congestion is resolved (which may be months from now), there will be times when the situation affects the availability of products.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is requiring more time for delivery than normal. If you cannot see tracking information from USPS, we suggest you visit their website here and explore the Service Impacts section for more information.

UPS has suspended all shipping guarantees and FedEx has extended their shipping times. This means you may not receive your packages on the days you expect. Even expedited shipments are seeing a one- to two-day delay. Please plan accordingly. For information about how UPS continues to respond to this situation, click here.

Canadian Deliveries

Due to the longer transit times for Canadian shipments, we are currently prioritizing Canadian orders. All orders may experience shipping delays based on the COVID-19 situation, however, we are doing everything we can to get shipments out in a timely manner.

With the increased volume of packages being shipped around the world, there are delays in getting packages through Canadian customs and from there to their intended destination.

Blythe Klipple, Updates Coordinator