Still need help for the techniques A-Z

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Still need help for the techniques A-Z

joyce pacer
I sent this email out Friday and have only had one person to respond.  Come on and give us a hand.  It is for everyone to use.  TEchniques A-Z would make a great series of classes for you.  Help was great at first and now I am struggling to get people to help.
I posted the list of techniques we need of letters O - R but 0nly had one sign up  from Sue for Reverse Mirror Image.  Please, we need help.  These techniques will be in our files for everyone to use.
I posted right before the storms hit across the country.  Please select to do at least one technique.  The taken techniques have a name by them.  Most directions can be found on this list, other than the ones with a  sc and the directions are on Splitcoaststampers.

Techniques O-R

One sheet wonder  Nancy Sutton
Overlay Heat Embossing

Packing Tape
Paper Piercing
Paper Stitching
Patchwork Frames
Pencil blending   sc
Polished Stone  Nancy Sutton
Press & Seal
Palette Blending   (SC)
Paper Mosaic  (SC)
Pencil Blending   (SC)  Debbie Brown


Quilting  (SC)    Robin
Q-Rips       Connie

Ready to Roll
Retiform    Peri Beal
Reverse Mirror Image  Sue Ekerson
Reverse spot lighting
Rolling Marbles          Jeanne Moss
Rubber band stamping Barbara Stitt
Reverse Spotlighting  (SC)
Rubber Cement Resist  Barbara Stitt

All techniques are on SUDSOL other than the ones maked SC for SplitCoast Stampers.
Joyce Pacer
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