Special Days Deserve Remembering, Here's Some Help.

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Special Days Deserve Remembering, Here's Some Help.

Debra  Brown
Are you like me?  You love to make all these beautiful cards, you have the best of intentions to sending them out to loved ones, acquaintances, coworkers, etc. for their special days, BUT you can’t remember the dates so they just set there with no place to call home?  I do ALL THE TIIME!  

Well with this handy dandy little organizer you can not only have those dates, but you can also make that special card then place it in the pocket of the month is needs to be sent! WOW I could be so organized with this, why have I never made one before?  Well my hubby is going to spend the night Tuesday helping out our daughter and son-in-law so this project is on my radar!

I challenge you to make one for yourself or how about as a bridal shower gift with cards in the brides colors for every month? I would love to get this for as a present and it really is NEVER to early to start thinking about Christmas presents.  

Scroll to the bottom for the PDF’s you will need for months and your front “Title”.  
Make it and then post for all to see using PC9 as your Pin ID.  Each week I will pick a random pin to reward the person who pinned it with a week of free SUDSOL.  Play every week and have a chance to get your SUDSOL membership totally free!  You get one entry for every new pin you make, BUT remember re-pinning from items already on SUDSOL does not count.
Debra Brown, Plains, MT
Patterns Coordinator