Share and tell in the chat room Wed. 9 PM EST

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Share and tell in the chat room Wed. 9 PM EST

joyce pacer
Share and Tell is a fun filled evening where you are free to share your neat ideas and great cards and projects  you have done lately.  If you do not have anything to share, you are still welcome to see the great projects.  You are welcome to share great ideas you have found elsewhere as well as those you have done yourself.

Come join us Wednesday 9 PM EST

Tonight in the chat room we will discuss tips to use blogging and how to make it more effective in order to improve your business.
The chat room is a friendly place to help you with your stamping business and to discuss any problems you may be having business wise.

Come join us at 9 PM EST

If you have not been here before just go to community, last bar on your right and click on.  A list will come down and click Chat.  

Hope to see you there this evening.
Joyce Pacer
Joyce Pacer
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