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SUDSOL Leadership Board
Hello All!
We had planned on moving to our new forum at the end of September - but alas, the best plans usually don't happen on time :)

However - today is the day!! My hope is that this new forum will be our best choice for change as it does allow us to communicate via email again (send to the forum and receive).  The archives are a bit different than we are used to - and you can not send from them. They are just that - archives. Able to view messages that have been sent. I've been told by all that I asked - that being able to send/receive/respond via email was our top priority.

You will receive many emails today - unsubscribe from the current forum, subscribe to the new forum, information on how to view, email, etc.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL - please send me a message to or

If this all completely bombs (ok.. I really hope not LOL) we can go back to our old forum - but my hope is that this will be a great new forum for us!


SUDSOL Leadership Board
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