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SUDSOL Code of Conduct

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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We have developed a number of rules, guidelines and policies on SUDSOL to keep our list running smoothly. The SUDSOL Code of Conduct is the guide on what is allowed on SUDSOL & how to treat each other. Each member of SUDSOL is required to agree to the Code of Conduct prior to becoming a subscribed member.

Code of Conduct:

  1. I understand that the purpose of SUDSOL is to help my business grow and I agree to discuss only stamping or SU! business related subjects. If I want to discuss personal news/items, I agree to use other lists, resources, or contact SUDSOL friends directly via private email.
  2. I understand there are a large number of demonstrators on SUDSOL. I value other peoples time and I agree to not use SUDSOL as a chat forum, but instead to post and respond to items that benefit the list as whole.
  3. I agree to treat others on SUDSOL with courtesy and respect.
  4. I agree to use other resources available to me (Demo manual, SU! website, SUDSOL website, catalog, upline/sideline, etc.) to find easily answered questions before asking the question on SUDSOL.
  5. I agree to read and abide by all SUDSOL rules, guidelines and policies.

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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