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SUDSOL Weekly Coordinator

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If you are having difficulty viewing the SUDSOL Weekly you can find the PDF
copy here:  <>











Chit, Chat & Chatter
























All Times are Mountain Time

Business chat Topic: "Celebrate with Sale-A-Bration"

Want to join the chat using your iPad or Tablet?


Current Challenges

Case Challenge #215

SDC  #273



 <> Click here
for more details

 <> Click here
for more details


Scrapbook Challenge  #193

Sketch Challenge  #213


Use Black, White and One other color in your layout





 <> Click here
for more details


 <> Click here
for more details

Stamp Set Challenge #215

"Another Thank you"


Question of the Week

Is anyone using their SU materials and/or tools to make presents to give
during the holiday season?  If you are, please share some of your ideas with

Please send your response using QOTW as a subject to
<mailto:sudsol@> sudsol@

 <> Click here
for more details

15 Minute Business Builder Tasks:

*        Update your Records

*        Gather Materials for upcoming workshops

*        Plan and/or Prepare make & take for your next event

*        Organize Monthly receipts

*        Set a goal for the month

*        Look at upcoming specials

*        Recognize your downline

Monthly Business Challenge

Make a kick off plan for Sale-A-Bration. Plan your marketing.  


Weekly Technique Challenge

The Vintage Technique.  I just love the vintage look so this technique is my
go to technique for many of my personal cards.  You can find directions here

Weekly Pinterest Challenge

Pin any SU! sample you've made with a fall leaves on it to your pinterest
page.  Make a Note on the pin that it's for the SUDSOL Weekly Pinterest
Challenge, then send us a link to the pin (email  <mailto:slb@>
slb@).   We'll re-pin it to the SUDSOL pinterest challenge page.
If we get 5 pins for the week, one lucky winner will win a free week of



Have you checked out the SUDSOL Gallery lately?  There are some fantastic
samples - many due to our Design Team and Featured Stampers! See our Design
Team/Featured Stamper section here:



We are looking for Featured Stampers - and would love for you to consider


A Featured Stamper does the following during the month:

*         Shares 10 or more cards/projects for the month chosen. These
should be workshop reproducible

*         No theme, you are free to stamp any projects you wish, using
current SU! merchandise only.

*         Our preference is that there are at least some exclusive items
shared, but we're not going to mandate that they're all SUDSOL exclusives.
We are featuring  your STYLE of stamping.


If you're interested in being considered as a Featured Stamper, just send us
an email at  <mailto:slb@> slb@  Please be sure to
include your SUDSOL Gallery name, and a link to your blog if you have one.
Including a couple of images with your note would be great too!



Patti & Coleen


SUDSOL BINGO for November 2013

A monthly SUDSOL bingo program!  You can improve YOUR business and get a
free week of SUDSOL by getting a bingo in our bingo challenge.    Just
complete the task in a square to mark off that square.  You will have the
entire month to work towards getting a bingo.   Your bingo can be
vertically, horizontally or diagonally.   Once you have a bingo, email us at
<mailto:weekly@> weekly@ with the 5 squares you
completed to make your bingo and we'll add a free week to your SUDSOL
membership.  How easy is that?!




If you have any questions or comments please email them to :
<mailto:weekly@> weekly@