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Sara Levin

PROG: Stampin’ Discuss Business Summary - Business Topics –

This is a regularly scheduled SUDSOL program. The purpose is to provide a
summary from Stampin' Discuss for your convenience. The topics covered are
Talking Shop and Promoting Your Business. I hope you will find this
information helpful to you.


Prepaid classes and Sale a Bration

SUDSOL SD Stamping Business Topics coordinator
Sara Levin


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*Post:*   *Prepaid classes and Sale a Bration? Help!*

I have had a great deal of luck lately with doing prepaid classes around
$25-$30 per class. I preorder materials on an online order. How can I make
prepaid classes work with sale a bration? I tried a free card class last
night, invited a jillion people, 4 came and no orders.. They said, "I just
want to come to your classes". Suggestions?


 Sometimes "free" doesn't always work. I don't know the psychology of it,
but I think people feel the value might not be there if something is free.

As far as an answer to the SAB question, couldn't you do the same thing, or
is the order timing not good?

SAB is the only time I do classes. I choose a stamp set and supplies worth
$50 (or slightly over) so each guest gets $50 worth of product and they get
to choose one SAB item. I then hold a class using those products. I use the
hostess rewards for myself to order any additional products that I need for
the class like cardstock, embellishments, etc.Each class particpant must
bring their own adhesive or you can include it as one of the $50 bundle

I typically had between 5 and 8 particpants. It doesn't sound like a lot of
people, but 5 people purchasing $50 worth of products is a $250 party.
Commision and overrides add up fast!! I scheduled two classes in February
so I would get the overrides in the same month. And don't forget about
getting free stuff for selling during SAB!!

All participants were required to pre-pay the $50 fee. If they were not
able to attend the class they would receive all the products plus the card
"kits" I had made for the class. They could look at my FB page for finished
card samples.

Here are some links to my FB page that shows the cards from the classes I
did during SAB 2013:

Delightful Dozen:<>

Bring On The Cake:<>

Elegant Blessings:<>

Do you use the product from their $50 order for the cards? I would think a
class with those cards alone would be $25! :)

I use the hostess benefits from the order to purchase any supplies I may
need for the class. They use my inks and punches and dies. During SAB I try
and use all the SAB "free" DSP, ribbon, and embellishments to help keep my
costs down. They bring their own adhesive and I usually always include
Dimesionals as part of their "product bundle".

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Why not keep things the way you usually do, but tell them that if they want
to include another $30 order when they sign up, they will get the freebie
of their choice?

They can have it their way, either pay $30 for the class or $30 more and
get the goodies. I am assuming that you are including about 1/3 in profit
over your discount.

Also an interesting idea. I charge a little bit more than what it would
cost for them to get the items on a customer order.

Currently, how much of that $25-$30 do you use to preorder materials each
month?  I like the idea of just adding additional to their order each month
to reach the $50 and get a FREE SAB item.  If spending $30 more is out of
reach for your people, you could also form an SAB Class CLUB that lasts for
3 months.  If you are using 2/3 of the $25/$30 each month to "order"
materials, then they would be spending an average of $18 a month from the
catalog x 3 SAB months = @ $54 which gives them one SAB item.  They tell
you up front which SAB item they are working for so you can order some each
month.  But they don't actually get it until what you are ordering from the
catalog for them (class materials and/or extra) reaches $50.  In essence,
they are each contributing to each others efforts and collectively (like a
regular club which works towards hostess perks) they work toward an
individual goal -- an SAB item.  I did a 3-month Christmas Club during
August, September, October and had 10 people earn the $25 hostess perk over
the 3-months.  Of course if an individual wants to spend extra ($150 total
would get them 3 SAB) that is fine!

very interesting idea. I am afraid of numbers, but I may try this :)

Do you mean number of people or amounts of money?  Each person is really
working on their own, so it doesn't matter if you have 3 people or 5
people, etc.  When they hit their $50 spent, they get one SAB.  You are
just totaling their 3 months' spending (like a club) and teaching them
delayed gratification.  LOL!!  And YES!  Your cards are gorgeous.  How many
of those do you make at your class?

The reason I charge the $50 for the class during SAB is because the
majority of the people would not bother spending "the extra" just to get a
freebie. In years past, I offered "card buffets" during SAB. I would charge
$20 for 10 simple cards using SAB "free" products. I would have plenty of
participants, but I never had anyone buy anything. Like your attendees,
they just wanted to make cards. It's my goal to sell product, not just sell
cards. So I changed my tactic. I no longer offer "card buffets". I only
offer classes that include products in the cost of the class. Then I give
them opportunities to use those products. It has really increased my sales.
Most of the customers who come to the class end up making a separate online
order later because they want more of the other products we used to make
the cards. I never got extra orders from "card buffets".

They were only interested in using my stuff.

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There are several $50 bundles in the SAB catalog

I know!! I loved that they included that in the SAB catalog. Such a great

I always earned more SAB products than I needed so for classes that I held
during SAB I would give away one SAB item as a door prize. I gave them a
chance to touch/see/feel the prize then would draw a name mid-class so they
had time to think about ordering so they could still earn the item they
didn't win.

SUDSOL SD Business Topics coordinator
Sara Levin


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