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SU!: *NEW* Pinterest Challenge

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***NEW*** Pinterest Challenge.  To help you consistently post to your
pinterest page, we're starting a new weekly pinterest challenge.  Each week
we'll provide a challenge of something to pin to your pinterest page.  

This week's challenge is:  Pin any SU! sample you've made with a pumpkin on
it to your pinterest page.  Make a Note on the pin that it's for the SUDSOL
Weekly Pinterest Challenge, then send us a link to the pin (email
slb@).   We'll re-pin it to the SUDSOL pinterest challenge page.
If we get 5 pins for the week, one lucky winner will win a free week of

Want to see all the great ideas?  Follow our SUDSOL on Pinterest: 

(ps. Love Pinterest?  Consider becoming our Pinterest coordinator - contact
us for details!)

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board

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