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SU!: Important Carbonite Information PLEASE READ

Lois Folla

Hello Friends,


Yesterday, it was confirmed that Carbonite deleted all of my data due to
their glitch.  Let me first share with you what you can do so it does not
happen to you.  


I am not naming the person my husband and I spoke. He did his best, was
honest what happened, and felt horrible. If he could have fixed it, he would
have. But I want you all to protect yourselves. This is our business, and
even if it's your hobby, your files are very important to you!


If you have Carbonite, PLEASE DO THIS!! I still continue to stay with
Carbonite! But I'm open to have a second back up company if anyone knows

Open 'launch' your Carbonite Information Center

Click on Account

Under Software Version - be sure your software is up-to-date


I was never told I had to do this, the only thing I was ever told was if I
did not see a 'green' dot next to files I wanted backed up to right click
and set the file up to back up. Anytime I saw a pop up, I called them


Before I go on to protect your files: These are only my suggestions, I am
not a tech.

- Have an offsite backup company

- Have an external hard drive

- Have an extra external hard drive you do not keep plugged in, you can
store outside your home or in a safe box and back it up, weekly..


My situation:

The man I spoke with said in his 2.5 years with this company he only knew of
this horrible problem happening to 2 other clients. Everything has to be in
perfect motion for this to happen!!


- The day before Steve and I left for our 25th Anniversary trip (out of the
country, so we were totally offline from computers)  for a week, I put in my
camera disk to download two pictures so my disk would be totally clear when
we started our vacation. I did this with my photo disk hundreds of times
before, doing nothing different!


- Carbonite had a glitch with original clients only that when they added
anything external besides their external hard drive, Carbonite would read it
as you removed the 'external hard drive' in your contract and in 72 hours if
you did not contact them, they would override your files.  


- Well, we set sail the following day not aware something went wrong, so the
72 hours passed and they proceeded to replace all my records with what was
on my C Drive which is nothing, I store all my things on my external drive.


- At some point, my external hard drive happened to crashed.  and no one was
aware that Carbonite had erased all of our records.  


- We called Carbonite to restore all our files onto the external hard drive.
It took almost 5 days for the files to be restored. When it was done, we
found out what happened, and that all they put back on was what was on my C
Drive which was nothing! Now my external hard drive was erased. Not sure
when the hard drive crashed. so these facts may be a little out of order.


The Carbonite guy said, all things had to align up just 'right' for this to
happen, and it was very unlikely but it has occurred..


But their glitch - backing up after 72 hours

Not being home to notice my files were gone (within the first 72 hours)

Our hard drive crashing at some point

And them restoring to put the last nail in the coffin..  


If you are updated, I am told this will NOT happen to you.  Do I trust them,
yes. Am I up set, yes. Do I understand it was a freak accident yes, is it
okay, NO!


Why didn't they let their customers know to update? He said they just found
this glitch. but did not say 'when they found out'.


Below is the email I received after our call. They claim responsibility.


What I'm upset about is they are giving us 6 months of FREE time - for their


I LOST all my files, photos everything. That is truly in insult to a huge


My best friend died last year, the week before she died, she gave me all of
her son's school pictures. Her external hard drive and computer went missing
after she passed at work, and the family things her boss took them. So I
lost so much important things.


I thought having two backups was good enough, it is not!  Please be careful!




Hello Lois and Steve,


I wanted to follow up with you after our conversation and to apologize that
your data was not on our servers when you needed it. Our software lost track
of your External HD and when you needed to restore the data was already
removed from our system.


I have added 6 months of free time and also will assign a senior technician
to assist you when you change to a new computer in a few weeks. Respond to
this email and it will route directly to me. I will schedule an appointment
that is convenient for you to work with us to ensure all your current data
is backed up and assist you with transferring and restoring your data to the
new system.


Today I also upgraded you to our latest software release and showed you how
to check for updates.


I would also like to hear about the outcome after you take your external
drive to see if the data can be recovered.


Please let us know if you need additional assistance.



Escalations Support

The Better Backup Plan.