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joyce pacer

Hello Everyone,
With the change of time for the winter, I am changing the Business Chat time to 8:30-9:30 PM EST  Since we have switched back to regular time instead of Daylight Savings time, the attendance has been low in the chat room and people are having to close off around 10 PM.  I am going to move the chat up to 8:30 PM and see if this works better.  I have not been doing the chat summary since the attendance has been low.
Please, if you have a certain topic that you feel that you would like discussed, please contact me with your ideas.  These chats are to help you where you would like ideas.
You can email me off site at joycepacer@ so we do not tie up the website.

Joyce Pacer
Stampin'Up Manager

Want to own your own business, contact me.

Joyce Pacer
Business Chat