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joyce pacer

Hi Everyone, thanks for the wonderful chat last night.  We had a great turn out.  Thanks to all of you that came.  For those of you that were unable to attend and ask me to post notes, here is my outline that we discussed.  That were some great ideas share that I am certain that I missed.  Around six remained in the chat room after it was over and we really did not finish up until around 10:45.

It was requested that we discuss Fund Raising Projects next week which is similar and several are wanting to approach schools, etc with a SU based project.  We will put off the newsletter topic until the following week.

I would like to find someone that is an expert to cover the subject of the digital program as a guest speaker.  If you are fantastic at this and would be willing to cover this subject, would you please contact me.  I do not have a clue on this subject.  In fact I bought the new program at the first price and never uploaded it.  That Is how illiterate I am on the subject.

Business Craft Fair Summary

Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs are a good way to make money and to find new customer leads.   The fall season is the best time to take part, but spring fairs are great for collecting new leads and demonstrating.

There are two types of Craft Fairs:   Juried and non Juried

                1 .   Juried Shows you have to summit work to be judged and selected to take part in the show.

                     These run anything from $150 - $800 to enter.   You can find information in Arts and Craft

                     Magazines. Chamber of Commerce

                     Only hand- made items allowed to be sold.


                2.   Non-juried shows are smaller and less rules.   You can sell both hand- made items and

                     catalog items.   The cost runs from $10 to $150.   Contact   churches, clubs, ladies auxiliaries,

                     schools, and ask friends.   Call Chamber of Commerce.

Things that you need to check before signing up are: Tax information, if others are selling similar products, and if it is outside, do you need a tent or some type of shelter.


Determine your goals

Goal one :   To find new customers

                1.   Demonstrate

                      a) Make gift tag

                      b) Demonstrate the Big Shot using embossing folders, making items from soft drink cans

                      c) Make and Take:   You make the item and they take it home: book marks are great for this

                            or gift tags.

                      d) Have promotion flyers, catalogs, mini catalogs, recruit pamphlets,   class schedules and

                           sample or projects

                     e)   Have one or two classes planned for the next two weeks and a signup sheet.

                     f)   Wear SU logo clothing

                   g) Have door prizes which can be a free class, hand- made cards, discontinued stamp set

                    h)   Have packets with a hand-made card, class schedule, special promotion, business card,

                         and give them to those that you talk to or walk around and give them out and invite to

                         your table.

Goal Two:   Sell stamped items

Items that cost five dollars or less sell best.

                a) Selling cards

                  1   Protect your cards by putting them in a clear bag.

                  2.   Cards sell for $2.50-3:00

                      Use cards left over from class samples

                  3.   Christmas cards sell well

                b) Treat holders and goodie bags

                c)   Coasters

                d)   Altered notebooks and journals

                e)   Gift Tags: Use baseball card holders or luggage tags to hold card and give plastic cover

                f)   Gift card holders.

                g)   Jewelry

Display is important

Keep your table uncluttered.   Put different items in baskets with price marked on the basket.

Have a nice table cover.   You can use black twin sheets for this

Have a Stampin'Up sign:   You could use the banner kit to make a banner


If the show has door prizes, donate one.   This could be for a free stamping workshop

You can do a raffle from your own table for a free class or basket of small gifts.

                Set of cards, something hand- made or something that we sell, even a free class for them and a friend. Visit the SUDSOL website at: 


Most important thing is to be friendly to everyone.   Keep a smile on your face and talk to everyone.   Take a supply of cards with envelops in a plastic bag, class schedule, certificate for a free beginners class, your business contact information.   Give these to everyone you talk to.

After the Show

Follow   up on your leads with a phone call, card in the mail, and/or email as soon as possible.

When people fill out contact information, take it to put it in the basket and make notes on something to help you remember that person.

Joyce Pacer
Stampin'Up Manager

Want to own your own business, contact me.

Joyce Pacer
Business Chat