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SU!: Article: Blast from the Past - Upselling (Without being Annoying) has been added to SUDSOL

Sandra Collett

How to Upsell


Without Being Annoying


Do you ever upsell when you deal with your customers? Maybe you’re not sure if you couldn’t do things a little differently. This is a great article in the September-October 2013 edition of Stampin’ Success: regarding upselling.


We’ve all been there: Victim to an annoying salesperson who tries to keep telling us to get this or that . . . who doesn’t seem to notice the “get off my back!” daggers shooting out of our eyes. We’ve also all experienced the flipside: when someone fills us in on just the thing(s) to make our purchase complete. The trick is to make the experience a positive one for both you and the customers. Here are some tips to do it right.

Make sure they have everything they need
Spend a little 1:1 time with everybody at your events so you can review the stuff on their order form and ask them what they’re planning to make with it. Then ensure they have everything they need to finish their project. It’s like if you went to the store to pick up a travel-sized hair dryer for a trip-of-a-lifetime to Paris. The sale clerk might suggest a plug adapter so you could actually use it there. Annoying? No. Helpful? Yes. In fact, it would be annoying to get to Paris and not be able to style your hair and look all fab—just like it wouldbe annoying to have big plans to make your dad a scrapbook for his 50th birthday, but then realize you forgot to buy the album itself.

Help your customers take their projects up a notch
There are so many cool things that you can do on a project, and you can suggest ways to give your customers even more creative options. If someone buys a flower set and ink pad to make some cards, you could say, “That flower would look so good stamped on the outside of the envelope. I’d recommend getting a Stampin’ Write Marker so you can address the envelope in the exact same color.”

Pay attention
Paying attention to what people say and do at your events will pay off. Here’s an example of how it can work: “I noticed you had fun using the Water Painters today. We have another product that all my artistically inclined customers love. They’re called Stampin’ Blends. Let me show you where they are in the catalog.

Products aren’t the only ad-ons you can suggest. Consider these opportunities that make great upsells:

Speak up when people order products that are associated with a technique. Then tell them about a class you’re offering where you’ll go over that technique

Hosting a party
Use a wish list in your events where customers can write down everything they see that they’d love to have. When you’re reviewing their order, let them know that if they hosted a party they could get some of their wish list items for free. Then ask if they’re interested. Everybody likes the sound of “free.”

Becoming a demonstrator
If their order is anywhere near the amount of a starter kit tell them they may as well join Stampin’ Up! and then get 20 percent off everything they want after that—and even be able to make some money sharing products with their friends. Pointing that option out is SO not annoying. In fact, your customers might even thank you – especially with the fabulous recruiting offer available until the end of the month..

That’s it from me, til next time.

Sandra Collett
Blast from the Past Co-ordinator