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SU!: ADMIN: General Email Etiquette Reminder

SUDSOL Leadership Board-2
We would like to take a minute of your time to help educate and remind members of some simple email etiquette rules for large groups. We have a large number of members on SUDSOL, and we frequently hear that sometimes the amount of emails can be overwhelming. We feel that some emails can be pared down by just following some basic rules of email etiquette.

Members of Several Email Groups

If you are a member of several email groups, please be sure when you respond to a message that you are responding only to that group. This helps keep unfamiliar topics off of SUDSOL, and also keeps out heated discussions that start elsewhere!  

Limit The Use Of Reply All

When an email is sent out, the original author sends it to the group because she either wants feedback from the group or wants to share an idea or sample. When responding to the author, take a look at the original email recipient list. If not everyone needs to see your response, please reply directly to the author. You can include others from the original email recipient list that you feel would benefit from your response in the "CC" section, which stands for carbon copy.

Me Too

"Me, too" posts are posts which request the same information that someone else has just requested.   Rather than posting this type of note, one alternative is to send an INDIVIDUAL note directly to the person who originally requested the information, asking her to forward any responses she gets either to you directly, or to the entire list so everyone can have the benefit of the answer.  Once the original poster knows that others are interested in the same information, she is usually more than willing to provide the answer or information to the list.  

Personal Topics

Because SUDSOL is fee-based service, we are focused on serving the majority of the members. Members have paid for this service with the understanding that the SUDSOL Leadership Board will enforce policies against non-stamping/business related posts. Personal messages, general "hello" "happy day", and adding more personal info than necessary to your post should be avoided.

Create A New Email For Topic Changes

Sometimes when an email is sent to a large group of individuals, the topic of the original message changes. This might be because the scope of the problem discussed in the email has been narrowed or it was determined that the email was addressing the wrong issues to begin with. In this situation, create a new email instead of replying to the one that was sent to everyone. This will help avoid sending the email to individuals who no longer are involved in the email chain. It also will help avoid including information that is irrelevant to the new issue being discussed in the email.

Trim The Email

Do not copy all of a previous email when you sent a response to multiple people. Cut out the portions of the email that are unnecessary. This will help avoid confusion about what subject is being addressed in your email. It also will reduce the size of the email, helping individuals that have mailbox limits on the amount of storage space they have available.

SUDSOL is set to allow attachments through to the group. We do require posts directing members to your blog, etc. to have a sample of the image you are sharing - and not just a link to your blog.  Please be courteous when sending your attachments and be sure they are a smaller size so they do not clog peoples email downloads

Patti & Coleen