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Reminder - Casing the Catalog

Sue Erickson
Your challenge this week is to design and create a card using this image from pg 130 in the Annual Catalog. Be sure to pin it and tag it with SDC679.

Get out your circle dies or punches and let’s see what we can come up with. Here is the card I designed using Penguin Playmates dsp. Here are the directions:

1. Use the smallest Layering Circles die ti cut out a number of circles from dsp
2. Place the edge of the circle on the 7/8” mark on the Trimmer and score it
3. Rotate the circle 1/4 turn clockwise again putting the edge of the circle on the 7/8” mark making sure the first score line in parallel to the top rail of the trimmer. Then score.
4. Repeat turning the circle clockwise, keeping the score line parallel, and scoring two more times.
5. Fold the edges to the center of the circle on the score lines and burnish well with bone folder.
6. Arrange circles as desired and adhere down. I used glue dots. If you use a larger circle, you will have to adjust the depth of the score lines

Hint: Since the clear bar on the trimmer is fairly wide and it is difficult to hold small pieces in place to score or cut, put a small amount of seal on the trimmer near the cutting groove to temporarily hold the paper in place. This saves a lot of frustration and there isn’t enough seal to hinder picking up the paper when you are through scoring or trimming.

Happy designing,
Sue Erickson, SUDSOL Design Challenge Coordinator