Newsletter Co-op FYI - Pictures may not show in email

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Newsletter Co-op FYI - Pictures may not show in email

SUDSOL Leadership Board
FYI for those participating in the Newsletter Co-op.  If you're getting the Newsletter Co-op posts via email from the Discussion Forum, you need to be aware that the pictures may not show up in the email (it will likely show a red X or broken link).  However, they ARE on the website in the article.  

The reason for this is because the Newsletter Articles area is restricted to only authorized users.  So a query from an email program to the Discussion Forum to display the image may fail if it can't recognize you as an authorized user.

So just be aware that you can see the complete article by going to the forum to display the post or using the Word Document attached to the article (which may prompt you to login to SUDSOL and then the Discussion Forum).


SUDSOL Leadership Board
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