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New Forum - getting close!

SUDSOL Leadership Board
Thank you everyone for your patience while I have been sorting out our forum issues. I know you all miss being able to send and respond via email!  Good news.... we are close!

My mom passing away threw me off my game a little - and I am diligently trying to get things back and running.

New Forum - I hope to have it up and running the first week of October.  Everyone will get emails with information, etc.

This forum will allow for messages to be sent and responded to via email. The online archive will be able to be viewed and read, but you won't be able to send/respond from there. Most all of us prefer the email format - so the online is just an archive - in case you delete something, need a reminder, etc.

Emailing - will be so much easier! No fancy weird addresses, etc - just straight forward, easy to remember and use :)

I am also working on updating the StamPINboard area - to bring it up to date, etc - but that will be a little later :)

If you have questions/concerns - please drop me an email at:

As always - thank you all for being here. For over 25 years we have been sharing peer-to-peer with other demos in a closed, safe, and informative format - and I hope SUDSOL is a help to you


SUDSOL Leadership Board
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