Its Annual File Update Time! :)

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Its Annual File Update Time! :)

SUDSOL Leadership Board
Do you like the color charts you have access to on SUDSOL? What about catalog tabs, wish lists, and more?

Through the generous help of SUDSOL members we have been updating and sharing these files for 25 years!

We need YOUR help updating them for the 2021-22 catalog.

Most files only need MINOR updates such as updating the names/codes of the new in colors. Some just need to be checked to be sure all is still current, wome files need a bit more updating such as all the Designer Series Paper names/colors, or other accessory items that have changed.

You can help! It's EASY!!! We have files for every level of help!

This is a quick and easy way to help out SUDSOL and your fellow demonstrators and to reap the benefits of having the files updated and ready to use with your customers starting right away! AND you will earn FREE SUDSOL time for your help!

Want to help? drop me a message at or and let me know!

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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