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It's not too late!

SUDSOL Leadership Board

It's not to late to sign up for the Newsletter/Blog Co-op!

Have a few minutes in the next few days to write a quick article for the newsletter/blog co-op?    If you do, you'll get access to the ALL other articles that are being written by other members too!  So you'll have a BUNCH of great articles to pick and choose from to send to your customers during the month.  You do NOT have to put them all into a newsletter format!  You can just email them individually to your customers as the month goes along.  It's a great way to keep your name in front of your customers all month long.

Are they long and complicated?  No!  Just like you don't want to read through a long email from someone, neither do your customers!  The articles are short and sweet, yet with interesting information that will prompt them to shop with you!  

We've got a great assortment of articles from card & scrapbook sketches, business articles, several techniques, projects, patterns & product highlights.

Not sure what to write about?  Check out some suggestions here:

Try it out for this month- you are only committing to participate one month at a time - so you have nothing to lose but a number of articles to gain!

To join email with the topic you want to write about (to prevent overlaps) then send your completed article to me on or before the 20th to receive access to all the articles submitted for the month.  All the nitty-gritty details/guidelines can be found here: 

Sign up now!

SUDSOL Leadership Board


SUDSOL Leadership Board
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