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Ideas for Open House or Substitute

Charlotte Lindmeier
Our question this week was:
Are you going to have an Open House or something similar this spring. If so share how you are going to roll it out.
I have designed a scavenger hunt for the new catalogue that is tiered for different prizes.
1 Q 1-10 earns Adhesive
2 Q 1-15 earns Bling
3 Q1-20 earns Choice if stamp set

The more valuable the prize the more (& more involved) questions to answer. There is a grand prize option for qualifiers, they would surrender their stamp set for a chance to win any bundle in the catalogue. A lot of the questions are quite easy: eg. What is in the bottom right hand corner on page 125? or What ate the new in colors?

I always add a bonus: What are you going to use/see/try out in the new catalogue? I know it’s a gimme but when I am not able to get together with loads of demonstrators or feel to try things out personally I need a hint from my stampers.
I will have an in person Open House . I send the evite to local customers and have as many samples on display as possible.  I let them invite friends.  I ask for RSVP. I will have sign up for future classes/clubs.  I will have bound catalogs bound for my Club members..  I  will also have catalogs for anyone else.. I will also have retired items for sale. 
I’m planning a virtual Open New Cattie Celebration Class on Zoom.  I will prepare a kit with supplies for 3 cards using Cardstock & DSP - they will have to add their own sentiments.
There will a new catalogue, door prize and goody bag for every attendee, which they will pick up from me ahead of time.  I will have samples using new products to show them,
and we will make the cards together online and do a new cattie walk through.  I did this last year too and it worked well, so here’s hoping . . .
I add a pen, pad of sticky notes, wish list, In Color bookmark, wrapped chocolates and candies, their Bingo Card which ends when the Cattie ends so they can cash it in sometime in the next 30 days on a SU order from me, a $5.00 event coupon good only for 3 days to encourage them to place an order quickly. I think that’s about it.  In case you’re wondering what my Bingo Card is, I initial a block for every 25.00 spent on a SU order, top line. When the card is full it is worth $30.00 to be cashed in on a future order and I start a new card for them.  If the year ends and the card is not full they get $1.00 credit for every block initialed by me. This encourages them to spend a bit more. I don’t think this works well for long distance orders that get shipped directly to the customer because I use my credit card to pay their bingo amount on the order when they cash it in. I hope this all makes sense to you. My customers love this loyalty program.
What are you putting in your 'goody bags'? I'm trying to come up with something different this year. I will be doing a virtual Zoom as well.

Charlotte Lindmeier
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