ISO seashells 3D embossing folder

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ISO seashells 3D embossing folder

Phyllis Strickland
A customer is in dire need of this seashells embossing folder.

 She bought the entire suite to make wedding shower invitations for a friend. The original date was doable but it has now been changed to March 22 which is after the date of the invitations need to be mailed.  

Does anyone have a one you would be willing to sell or work out some kind of deal/trade?  It should  be OK since you can’t even order it at this point and the situation changed after she ordered it.  She is wants  to return the entire suite since she bought it for that purpose.  She had a great design worked out and it would require a lot more time to use dies

Please let me know your price + shipping to 98383 (Silverdale, Wa)

 Thanks so much!!

Phyllis Strickland