How would you like some FREE SUDSOL Time?

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How would you like some FREE SUDSOL Time?

Debra  Brown
You can earn some free SUDSOL time and help others by helping me!  I need some assistance with updating many of our Fancy Folds Patterns.  
What I would like to have.....
Multiple Pictures with a new tutorial--This will get you a month of SUDSOL free
New Pictures--This will get you a week SUDSOL free.

If you agree to do one of the following you will have two (2) weeks to get it to me.  

Look these over and let me know if you are willing to assist....

Twisted Fancy Fold--> Here

Diamond Fold--> Here
Double Accordian Pocket Fold--> Here
Flip Tag Card--> Here
Suspended Easel Card--> Here
Diorama Card--> Here
Gate Fold Easel--> Here
Embossed Quilt CardsHere
Folded Tree--> Here
Box Card--> Here
Easy Easel--> Here
Nip & Tuck Card--> Here

What do you say? Ready to show case your creative side?
Debra Brown, Plains, MT
Patterns Coordinator