How We Track Our Inventory

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How We Track Our Inventory

Charlotte Lindmeier
Hello everyone,
A big thank you to all who shared this week. Thanks to everyone who shared. Our winner this week is Brenda Crawshaw.  She wins a week of FREE SUDSOL this week.

Our question this week is:
Do any of you use your phones to keep track of your inventory?  If you do please share what software you are using and how you categorize them.
Yes, I’m using both my phone and my iPad for tracking my inventory.   I have tried a few different ways (excel spreadsheets/workbooks; Notebook, etc).  

I am now using the COLOR MY LIFE app and am 100% happy with this app. It is well worth the $14.99 annual fee, to me. 
Just a FEW of the features I like are:
- it syncs automatically between my devices
- pictures of my Stamp sets are available right in the app
- pictures of my projects can be stored with the stamp sets in the app
- color families can be linked 
- I can track everything from stamp sets , papers, embellishments ..... to adhesives !!  You think of it in your craft room and there is probably a category there if you want that much detail ... I haven’t gotten THAT far.   

I categorize my stamps by the categories I most look for:
- Encouragement 
- Thanks
- Birthday
And in Color My Life, a Stamp set can have multiple tags. Depending on the sentiments included in the set.  

I would (and have) recommend trying this app to any avid crafter who wants a great way to track their inventory.  
I use Evernote on my computer to keep track of all my stamps, dies and paper.  I believe you can have it on one other device so you could use your phone or ipad.  I also highlight with a bright pink highlighter in my catalog all my purchases.  I have doubled ordered too many times and this prevents that from happening.
I use Power Point with photos and each file describes the item and where it is. Also what it coordinates with and the DSP, EF, Punch etc. 

I have the same list in excel, but without a photo of course. 

I create PDF's out of each file and then add them to my Evernote which is on my iPad, Android CP, PC and lap tops. You want to use the Evernote App on your devices not the website as I've been told. 

I have everything marked in both files if they are C for Current. Or R for retired. 

I decided not to create 2 files for PowerPoint and Excel for current and retired. 

Good luck with your system. I'm on my cp now but I can take a screen shot of the PowerPoint file I made so you have an idea what you can decide the info you want handly. 
You can insert photos into an Excel sheet. Just choose “Insert” in the ribbon, choose “Illustrations” and then choose from where you want to insert the photo.  WICKED timesaver!

Charlotte Lindmeier
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