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Guidelines for Blog Coop

Costa Marazita
Thank you for participating in the blog coop!

In order for the Blog Co-op to run smoothly and be fair to all taking part, please read the following guidelines.


Members must sign up each month to participate and select a category to write an article from (First come, first served – one article per category). Once all categories are covered, we’ll then allow a second topic from the same category. Please select different category topics if you participate each month). You are welcome to suggest a topic that is not listed to be approved by the coordinator.  

Newsletter Categories:

    - Product Highlight
    - Scrapbooking
    - Technique
    - Pattern (anything but a card)
    - Stamping Tips
    - New Products
    - Scrapbook page Map/sketch**
    - Card Map/sketch**
    - Business Opportunity

    ** Card and Scrapbook Sketches/Maps must also include a sample using the sketch

Sign up will take place from 5th – 20th of each month.

People who sign up are given access to the Blog Co-op section.

When your article is ready, the article is submitted to Next month’s Staging Area of the Blog Co-op section.

Articles are due by the 20th of each month. You will have access to the articles for the entire following month. Example:
  - May 5th – Sign up and select category/topic.
  - May 20th – last day to submit article.
  - June 1st - 30th – access to this month’s article library. We recommend that you download any articles that you wish to use/keep as articles will NOT remain active past the end of the month.

Article Guidance:
Articles are for the next calendar month. (ie. February article submissions are for March Newsletters)

Blog articles should be written geared towards customers (not downline) and can not be specific for a particular demonstrator (such as a special offer that you're offering your customers).

Articles should contain sufficient information for customers to be able to copy including product codes.

Article length is subjective, but shouldn’t be excessively short or long.

Where possible please include photos and/or images as attachments to your posting. Images should NOT contain demonstrator watermarks.

Include catalog item numbers in your article (prices are not desired as members are from different countries with different pricing)

Topics that have been written about in the last few months should not be repeated (There will be a list of the last few months topics provided and updated monthly in the Newsletter Co-op section

Use of Articles:
How you use the articles is up to you. You can put them together into a newsletter format, a blog article or you could email them individually to customers.

You may use the articles you have downloaded at any time you desire.

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