Graduation Time is HERE!

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Graduation Time is HERE!

Debra  Brown
Sitting here at my desk, I just received my 3rd graduation announcement.  Yes!  It is that time of year! We all need to be prepared at the drop of a hat for those wonderful little announcements of a student’s accomplishments! Working in a small school district I have known many of the graduates since they were little (I was in the library for many years before going into a high school classroom) so I get several a year!

What better time for this challenge then?

Make this fun cap in your graduate’s school colors for a fun and special card!  The great thing about this card is you can make several in black, hold off on stamping the inside and you are ready to go with a card for ANY school or college!

Make it and then post for all to see using PC11 as your Pin ID.  Each week I will pick a random pin to reward the person who pinned it with a week of free SUDSOL.  Play every week and have a chance to get your SUDSOL membership totally free!  You get one entry for every new pin you make, BUT remember re-pinning from items already on SUDSOL does not count.
Debra Brown, Plains, MT
Patterns Coordinator