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GETTING STARTED - How to start new topics via email

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Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select "My Subscriptions".  This will bring you to this page:

This page has the email addresses you need to start a new topic for each category.  These emails addresses are unique to you and will ONLY work for you and ONLY sends the email to the specified category.  

Record the email addresses and save them to your Address book.  You can easily copy the email address by highlighting the email address, then selecting CTRL-C (copy).  

Use your email address book and create a new address book entry.  For example, for the Cretive Idea Shares, create an address book entry called SUDSOL-Creative and enter the email address you recorded (CTRL-V will allow you to paste if you used CTRL-C to copy it).  Set up the address just like you'd set up an email address for a friend in your email program.

You now have the email address you need to send Creative Ideas to.  Repeat that for each section.  You don't have to do them all, just do the ones you think you'll start a NEW topic in.  Replies to notes sent from others will automatically go into the correct section.


1)  Start a new email in your email program
2)  Select the address book entry you set up for the section you want and put it in the To: line (not sure which section to post to?  See this flow chart for help.
3)  Compose your email message as normal.
4)  Press Send when your message is ready.
5)  Viola - it will go to the list, be posted in the category you selected and distributed to all email subscribers of that section.  

***NEW*** We have now added a simplified way to post to the Discussion Forum.  Just address your email to and we will post it for you!   Note: Since these are handled manually it may take up to 24 hours for your post to be added to the Discussion Forum.  If you wish an immediate posting, please use the option above.  Or use the "New Topic" link on the forum to post directly online.


1)  REPLIES to existing emails will go to EVERYONE.  If you only want it to go to the sender, replace the To: with their email address (their email address is included in the original message right at the top of the email).  

2)  PLEASE TRIM the message you are replying to and delete all but the information to provide context.  This will make the online version much easier to read.

3)   Did I say - REPLIES to email go out to EVERYONE, not just the author? Yes I did, but it's worth repeating again!

We hope this note will help in understanding how to use the new system to send emails to the list.

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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