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GETTING STARTED - Customizing the emails you receive

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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LOGIN to the Discussion Forum

Make sure you are logged into the Discussion forum.  If you're logged in, you will see your name in the upper right corner.  Otherwise you will see a Login link instead.  

SUBSCRIBE to get messages by Email

Click on your name in the upper right and select "My Subscriptions".  You will see a page with the summary of all your subscriptions:

Click the "Edit Subscription" link next to any category to set up an email subscription for that category.
NOTE: The SUDSOL Category is the parent to all the lower categories.  If you're subscribed to SUDSOL, you'll get everything for all the lower levels - even if the lower levels say "Not subscribed".  If you want different subscriptions for each of the lower levels, then unsubscribe at the SUDSOL level and subscribe to each of the lower levels as desired.

Once you've selected "Subscribe via email" you will get this screen:

The name next to the folder (circled in red above) shows what section you are subscribing to - if it shows SUDSOL, then you are subscribing to ALL categories.  

a) Select whether you want to "Receive every message posted", or whether you want to "Receive New topics only"
b) Select whether you want "Individual emails" or "Daily Digest" (one digest per day).  The digest contains the first few lines of the post and then a link to the post online.

You will now start getting the emails every time one is posted in a section you are subscribed to.  

Replying to email messages you receive from the forum

Just press the "REPLY" to the email you receive - it will automatically be distributed to the discussion forum & sent to all members who subscribe via email.    Please trim out the unnecessary parts of the original message before sending.

Starting a NEW topic

Please do not reply to an existing message to start a new topic.  Instead send a new email to the appropriate email address for the section you wish to.  Those email addresses are shown by clicking your name in the upper right corner and selecting "My Subscriptions" as shown above.  More information on how to start a new topic can be found here:
If you need any help, please contact us privately at      

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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