Easter is just around the corner!

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Easter is just around the corner!

Debra  Brown
C&Q (cute & quick) Basket

Have you realized Easter is just a few days away!?  I can’t believe I have procrastinated so badly on completing my Easter treats for the staff I work with at school!  I saw this little basket on Pinterest and just had to make them as treat baskets for my school along with the staff where my daughter teaches and now it’s your turn!  How wonderful would these be to hand out at Easter or to even use as an Easter Dinner place marker with a little treat inside?  There are so many possibilities!

So now here I am, having one of my student aides cutting 6 x 6 squares so I can score, cut and glue before and after school!  These baskets not only go together fast, they are cute and you can use up some of that DSP you've been hording!

Make some and then post for all to see using PC6 as your Pin ID.  Each week I will pick a random pin to reward the person who pinned it with a week of free SUDSOL.  Play every week and have a chance to get your SUDSOL membership totally free!  You get one entry for every new pin you make, BUT remember re-pinning from items already on SUDSOL does not count.
Debra Brown, Plains, MT
Patterns Coordinator