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Chat room opens in 20 minutes, 9 PM EST

joyce pacer
Share and tell is always fun.  This week Jeanne Moss is going to share some of her swap cards she received while on the Cruise.  You are welcome to share new catalog samples also.

The following Wednesday night we will have a guest speaker to give is great tips on selling on Ebay.  Great way of selling your retired sets that you no longer want to keep.  Mark your calendar now.  She will be giving us step by step directions.

The chat room is a friendly place and everyone is welcome.  Come join us for some good tips, fun conversation and sharing of ideas.  
If you haven't been here before, come join us, you will find a very friendly group.  We would love for you to share any ideas that you have to keep our customers stamping and buying.

 enter the chat room – visit the SUDSOL site, and click on Community and the menu comes down, click on Chat room.  Or you can visit directly by clicking this link:
Joyce Pacer
Joyce Pacer
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