Chat Room will open in 50 minutes, 9 PM EST

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Chat Room will open in 50 minutes, 9 PM EST

joyce pacer
Come join us and help build the list of techniques for O - R  We really need ideas for the O and the Q techniques.  Remember those that work on the list gets first choice Wed. Night.

Please come join us in the chat room tonight at 9 PM EST  Topic, So you don't have time?

If you haven't been here before, come join us, you will find a very friendly group.  We would love for you to share any ideas that you have to keep our customers stamping and buying.

 enter the chat room – visit the SUDSOL site, and click on Community and the menu comes down, click on Chat room.  Or you can visit directly by clicking this link:

The chat room is very friendly! If you are not automatically logged in, feel free to use the Guest optio
Joyce Pacer
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