Card for Mother's 90th Birthday

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Card for Mother's 90th Birthday

Billi Parus
I have been a part of Stampin Up and SUDSOL for almost 15 years, under two managers.  You all often make special requests for us to send cards to cheer up a deserving person.  After all, we definitely know how to make the best cards in town!!!  

Well, I have a HUGE favor to ask…..

My mother turns 90 years old on Saturday, June 17th.  Up until last fall she has had a very healthy life; but last fall she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She is a widow and we let her make all the decisions and supported her choices all the way.  She underwent radiation therapy this past winter, and so far, is winning!  Over Easter, when my husband and I were with her, she shared a sad thought with us.

Over the years, since she was married in 1947, she has had 4 close Navy wife girlfriends who have always been there for each other….they were like 2nd mothers to my sister and I.  They always sent each other cards for all the special occasions and if possible, got together for lunch on their birthdays….even flying into the birthday girl’s city to take her to lunch.  This last year, 2 died and one succombed to alzheimers.   Mother said she was a bit sad this year because none of them were still here….she was the last one.

We have no idea how much longer we will have my mother with us but we would love to make this 90th birthday special.  I wanted to know if you would send her a birthday card?  I know it would cheer her up so much and I would so appreciate it.  My sister and her 2 children and I will be with mother on her birthday so it will be fun to see face brighten with each card.

Here name & address are:    Clare Gower, 1672 Pioneer Drive, Melbourne, FL  32940.

Thank you in advance….and if you ever want me to do the same to cheer up someone, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a great day.  Billi Parus, Virginia Beach, VA.