Buy, Sell, Trade (BST) Guidelines ** Please read before posting **

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Buy, Sell, Trade (BST) Guidelines ** Please read before posting **

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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The purpose of SUDSOL is to share. The SUDSOL Leadership Board does not support the selling of items on SUDSOL. However, we realize that members wish to have a place to sell items to other SUDSOL members. This BST section allows members the opportunity to do so. All buying/selling and trading is at the members own risk and must be done in ths section. The SUDSOL Leadership Board will not intervene or moderate any transactions that take place.

Selling/Trading Information

  • You must be the selling member to post a BST email to the SUDSOL list.
  • You may post ONCE per calendar month in this section that states what you have for sale or trade.
    • There is no limit to the number of items you may sell, but you may make only *one* post for the entire calendar month. You may edit your post as often as you like (for example to remove items that have sold) - use the Edit post option online to make changes.
    • No additional posts of any kind are allowed until the first day of the next calendar month.
    • The number of posts made regarding items for sale/trade will be monitored by the SLB and strictly enforced
  • All items posted for sale or trade must be stamping or SU! business related.
  • Any time when $$'s or products are changing hands (in either direction) are considered a BST - including product splits, classes, make & take sessions, etc.
  • Advertising for other sites (or design team members for other sites) whether there is an associated fee or not will be considered a BST. Membership sites which compete with SUDSOL are not allowed to be advertised on SUDSOL. (Determination of "competing" is solely the discretion of the SUDSOL Leadership Board)

When buying and/or selling on SUDSOL, you are doing so at your own risk

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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