Awesome Lineup for this Month's Newsletter Co-op

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Awesome Lineup for this Month's Newsletter Co-op

Newsletter Co-op Coordinator
Don't miss the opportunity to participate!

We have some great articles in the works for this month's newsletter co-op.  These articles are only available to the members who participate by sharing an article with the co-op.  

Here is a partial list of what we've got coming this month...

- Sample cards - Two tutorials - A technique article - plus more!

It's not too late to participate.  You have until Mon. April 20th to sign up and write your article.  Here are some ideas of what we can still use...  (First come first serve!)

-Tips or Tricks, Product Highlight (Stamparatus Key Features), etc.

To join, email with the topic you want to write about (to prevent overlaps) and wait for an OK on your topic.  Then send your completed article by the 20th of the month to receive access to all the articles submitted for the month.  All the nitty-gritty details/guidelines can be found here:  Sign up now!
Judie Snoots
Stampin' Up Demonstrator
Coshocton, Ohio USA