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Marti Crapo

These are a few highlights from www.mydigitalstudio.net


Included in this issue:


  • Ordering Tips for Demonstrators (print orders that is)

  • Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day

  • Solid to Line Image with My Digital Studio and Silhouette E-cutter

  • Coloring a Stamp



Ordering Tips for Demonstrators (print orders that is)

This is a marvelous list of steps from Monica Davis on things to do when you order printing.





Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day


I thought I would share the link to one of my favorite blog posts. Of course, the FREE stamp brush set featured here called “Moments Ago” is no longer free but you can download it for $5.95 US (item # 135717) and after you see the wonderful projects created with this stamp and the” Hello There Kit”, you will definitely want to own it.








Solid to Line Image with My Digital Studio and Silhouette E Cutter


This is a revisit to a quick and clear video by Heidi Baks. She shows you have to create a cut file for Silhouette E- cutter using a MDS image.




Coloring a Stamp


This forum question about coloring a stamp elicited a great response from Stampin’ Up! Check it out






If you have questions about MDS or want to see more about any topic related to MDS, email me with your request. I will be glad to add it to the next newsletter.

Marti Crapo
Marti Crapo