What should go in this section? **READ ME**

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What should go in this section? **READ ME**

SUDSOL Leadership Board
If you need help with SUDSOL itself, this is the section to ask for help about SUDSOL.  
- need to know how to do something on SUDSOL?  Ask here.
- SUDSOL announcements will also be posted here

Things that should NOT be placed here:
- Questions on how to use a particular SU! product - those should go in the "Product Q&A" section
- Questions on SU! promotions - those should go in the "What's New at SU!" section
- Business Questions - those should go in the "Business Talk" section
- Personal information being sent to the SUDSOL administrators (please email us at slb@sudsol.org)

Still need more help? Try this flow chart.

SUDSOL Leadership Board

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