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What To Focus On In 2015! - Monthly SIMB/SUDSOL Article

John Sanpietro

What To Focus On In 2015!

by John Sanpietro, CMC(IAC)
Stamping Is My Business!

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to building an efficiently profitable stamping business!

One of the best overall ways to do that is to make sure you're focusing on the right metrics.

What do I mean?

Too often, stamping business owners measure their success by what they do, rather than what they achieve.  This leads to a long-term lack of satisfaction.  How often have you heard a stamping business owner say, "I did everything I was supposed to do, but I still couldn't make any money?"

More often than not, this is because the stamping business owner is focused on the wrong thing.  They're spending a lot of time on their business, but what they're doing with that time isn't getting them where they want to go.  Unfortunately, not all tasks are created equal.  Because of this, what you achieve in ten hours will not be the same as what someone else achieves in the same amount of time.

So, how do you make sure you're doing the right things with your time?

Instead of focusing on activity, focus on results!

It's a subtle, yet profound shift.  If you can make it, you'll be amazed how much more effective and efficient you can become.

When you focus on results, you begin to identify the activity in your business that actually moves you forward.  You begin to realize many of your business tasks are just busy work, with no real bearing on your success.

When you can tell the difference, you're able to delegate or eliminate the busy work, and use your time to focus only on the results-driven activities.  This, very quickly, leads to you being able to generate more profit in less time (Efficient Profitability).

A few months ago, we held the first 80/20 Boot Camp.  The 80/20 Rule states that, in any business, 80% of the results are driven by 20% of the activity.  For example, 80% of your orders come from 20% of your customers.  Or, 80% of your downline commissions come from 20% of your downline, and so on.  

When you focus on results, you're focusing on the results-providing 20%!  When you do that, your success isn't just a possibility... it's an inevitability!

Make this shift today, and 2015 will be YOUR year!!!

To your continued success!
Warmest regards,


John Sanpietro
Certified Master Coach (Int'l Association of Coaches)
Stamping Is My Business!

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