Update on Techniques H-j

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Update on Techniques H-j

joyce pacer
These techniques are for July and August.  We almost have them all covered!

If they have an * the directions are on SUDSOL but out dated.  The others can be found on Splitcoast Stamper

Hinge Stamping *    Libby D
Herringbone SC    Robin
Hot Glue Embossing SC  Libby D
Heat Emboss with Dye Inks*
Hot Glue Sealing Wax Jeanne            
In the Middle*   Debby B
Ink Stamped Bleed*
Inlaid Ombre*  Debby B
 Inside Out      Connie
Iris Fold or Iris Cuts   SC
Ink Over ride*
Inking on Tarnished Foil   Joyce
Inking with Markers   Jeanne M.

Joseph’s Coat  Sue E

Please, if you know of any others starting with J or H please let us know.  Also, if I have made any mistakes on the sign ups, let me know.   Joyce
Joyce Pacer
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