UPDATES: September 25, 2018: WEEKLY UPDATES

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UPDATES: September 25, 2018: WEEKLY UPDATES

Blythe Klipple

(For what it’s worth I had to jump out of Safari and enter the Stampin’ Up! Demo page and Updates link via Chrome this morning.  If you’re also a Mac user, you might have to do the same.  All other links worked just fine using Safari.)

Last Week to Redeem Bonus Days Coupons

You and your customers have until September 30 to redeem the Bonus Days coupon codes you earned in August. Do you have customers who aren’t sure what they should buy with their coupons? Encourage them to use their coupon codes to get new products from the 2018 holiday catalog when they become available on September 5!

Learn more about redeeming Bonus Days coupon codes here.

World Card Making Day Is Coming Soon!

Are you prepared to celebrate one of the best days of the year? Make sure to check the promotion page on September 30 for more information!

Snowflake Showcase

Get excited for an exclusive promotion with limited-time products. The promotion starts for customers on November 1, 2018. Check back October 1 for demonstrator preorder details!

Flex Point Coupon Codes Coming Soon!

To help you use some of your remaining flex points before time runs out, we’re adding last minute coupon codes to the Flex Account! These coupon codes will be 700 flex points each and will be available October 8–31. One coupon code is good for $5 USD/$7 CAD worth of Stampin’ Up! products, and each demonstrator can redeem for up to three coupon codes. You can use these coupon codes yourself, or you can give them away! Because the coupon codes will be valid for a limited time period during the holiday season, we encourage you to give them to customers who might not otherwise place an order during that time. Let them know they can use the coupon code any time between midnight (MT) on November 23, 2018, and 11:59 PM (MT) on December 11, 2018. Then help them pick out some favorite products from holiday or annual catalog.

Once you redeem points for a coupon code in the Flex Account, you will receive a confirmation email; the confirmation email will not include your coupon code. Coupon codes will be emailed out around the middle of November. You will receive one email that includes all of your coupon codes. It will also include a printable coupon that you can give to a customer.

We hope this will help you use some of your remaining flex points, incent or reward your customers, and maybe even give your sales a little boost. Watch for coupon codes in the Flex Account on October 8!

Flex Account Product Credits

As previously announced, we are making some changes to Flex Account Product Credits on October 1, 2018. Product Credits will be unavailable from 9:00 AM to noon (MT) on September 25 while we make the necessary changes to our systems. Please do not use Product Credits on any orders during that time. In addition, if you have any Product Credits saved on orders in modify status, those Product Credits will be removed, and you will need to add them back to the order after the downtime.

Greece Incentive Trip Registration Will Begin November 5

Have you earned enough flex points to redeem for the 2019 incentive trip to Greece? If you have—congrats! That’s a huge achievement. Are you close to earning 160,000 flex points? Keep going—you have until the end of September to get there. You can do it! If you’re planning on joining us in Greece, you’ll need to redeem your flex points for the trip by October 31, 2018.

For your convenience, you can now find price information for hotel rooms before the cruise and additional guests and cabins for this trip. Visit the 2019 Incentive Trip page.

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!


Stamparatus Accessories Preorder

The Stamparatus accessories are now available for demonstrator preorder. Check out the landing page for information on these new accessories including marketing resources, tips, and training to help you promote these products.

Stampin’ Success Online

The latest issue of Stampin’ Success is now available on the demonstrator website. Find exciting new ideas here.

Remember to check out the Online Extras as well. There are flyers available to download and print for your events and instructions for all Event of the Month projects.

DDMs and the New Sales Division

When we created our new sales division and the role of Demonstrator Development Managers (DDMs), our goal was to provide more support to you—our demonstrators—as you grow your individual Stampin’ Up! businesses. One of the ways our DDMs provide this support is by setting up projects that encourage growth in various areas of your Stampin’ Up! business (e.g., sales, recruiting, leadership, etc.). Some of these projects will launch in all markets; some of these projects will launch in one area only.

Because these projects will vary from area to area, you may hear about programs that have not been launched in your area. Don’t panic! Depending on the success of each project, we may implement them on a larger scale. If we do decide to expand the scope of a particular project, we will communicate with leaders and let them know if any members of their team will be involved.

To learn more about the role of our DDMs and the new sales division, read this DDM Q&A.

Fast Fuse Added to Clearance Rack (While Supplies Last)

If you’re like us, you thought the days of Fast Fuse were done at Stampin’ Up! (You know . . . because we had already retired the product and everything!) However, our vendor reached out to us because they manufactured a surplus of Fast Fuse applicators and refills, and they offered to sell their excess Fast Fuse inventory to us. We took them up on their offer and purchased 2,500 Fast Fuse applicators and 72,000 Fast Fuse refills.

One of the reasons we decided to buy this product was because of feedback we received via the Product Idea Sandbox. Some of your customers still wanted to purchase Fast Fuse applicators and refills, and this was the perfect opportunity to make it available to them once again through the Clearance Rack. Fast Fuse refills will be available to you and customers for more than 50% off their original price! Because supplies are limited, remind your customers to go to our online store to place their order instead of waiting to place a workshop order.

“Do You Want Ink with That?” Sales Challenge Results Are In!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our “Do You Want Ink with That?” sales challenge! When we announced this challenge in the July 31 Weekly Updates, we said we’d share the final results with you this month. Well, the results are in!

We had nearly 4,400 demonstrators sell ten or more ink pads. That means all 4,400 of those super sellers earned themselves a free ink pad, which they’ll be able to redeem any time from September 17 to September 30. So if you earned a free ink pad, don’t forget to redeem it or add it to your next order by September 30! You can see the full list of demonstrators who earned free ink pads here.

According to our business analysts, your participation in this sales challenge resulted in approximately 17,000 ink pads being sold that would not have been sold otherwise. That’s a fantastic result considering this was our first attempt at this type of sales challenge. We’re looking forward to hosting more challenges in the future!

Incentive Trip Travel Allowances

Registration for the 2019 Greek Isles Incentive Trip opens November 5. Travel allowances will be available for redemption in the Flex Account on September 19. As previously announced, we will offer two travel allowance amounts for the Greek Isles. There will be a 100 CSV travel allowance available for 25,000 flex points and a 250 CSV travel allowance available for 55,000 flex points. You can redeem up to four of each travel allowance. Remember, in order to redeem flex points for a travel allowance, you must first redeem flex points for the corresponding incentive trip. For more information about travel allowances, visit the Incentive Trips and the 2019 Incentive Trip pages. You can also review the Travel Allowance Q & A here.

Incentive Trip Cash-Out Option

Based on your feedback, we have decided to offer a cash-out option for the Greek Isles Incentive Trip. We realize that some of you earn sufficient points for the incentive trip and then are unable to attend for various reasons. We want to offer you an additional option. The Incentive Trip Cash Out will be available in the Flex Account starting tomorrow and will remain there through October 31. The cash out will be the same point value as the trip—160,000 flex points. If you choose to redeem for this option, the local currency equivalent of 1,750 CSV will be deposited into your bank account the week of the incentive trip. You will also receive pillow gifts after the trip.

Keep these things in mind as you weigh your options:

  • You cannot redeem for both the incentive trip and the cash-out option. You must choose one.
  • Travel allowances are only available to you if you redeem for the incentive trip and are not available with the cash out.
  • Once points expire on October 31, your selection will be final.
  • You must be an active demonstrator at the time of the incentive trip to receive the cash out and pillow gifts.

It is an amazing accomplishment to earn 160,000 flex points—congratulations to all who achieve it! We hope this cash-out option is beneficial to those of you who are unable to attend the incentive trip.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator