UPDATES: September 22, 2020: WEEKLY UPDATES

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UPDATES: September 22, 2020: WEEKLY UPDATES

Blythe Klipple


22 September 2020


The Designer Series Paper Sale is almost here, and we’ve got all the details and marketing resources you need to take full advantage of this fantastic promotion! Visit the Designer Series Paper Sale page for more information about how you and your customers can save 15% on select paper from our current catalogs.


Got friends who are thinking about joining your team? Be sure to let them know that there are just days left for them to take advantage of the Get & Go Starter Kit Promotion! From now until 30 September they will receive additional products to help them get started. So don’t wait. Text, email, and call your crafty friends today!

Visit the Get & Go Starter Kit Promotion page to learn more.


If you were hoping for some fun news to start your week, you’re in luck! Beginning 24 September at 7:00 PM (MT), Stampin’ Up! is kicking off an exciting, new trial program in the Demonstrator Planning Place Facebook group. Each Thursday we’ll feature a live video with a different demonstrator showing us great products and projects along with their favorite sales tips and advice. 

To accommodate our global markets, these videos will post at either 11:00 AM (MT) or 7:00 PM (MT); we will rotate languages, so during the weeks that the live video features a language that is not native to your market, we will provide captions within 12 hours via a YouTube video link.

Not a member of the Demonstrator Planning Place? Click here to join! And remember, this is a demonstrator-only Facebook group, so please do not invite non-demonstrators to watch the videos with you. We also request that you contact a Facebook group administrator to remove dropped demonstrators from the group.

We hope you’ll love this new weekly Facebook group feature. See you there!


With the upcoming changes to rewards and recognition, you will also see some improvements to your reports. In order to implement the changes and transition to the new Stampin’ Up! year, there will be some downtime when reports are unavailable after September commissions have finalized. We anticipate reports will be available again by 8 October. We appreciate your patience and we will share a current update when reports are ready to view.  

When the reports are available, you will see that they provide information and data consistent with the rewards and recognition changes—including a new report section called Reward Reports!

You will access the Reward Reports section from the menu at the top of your reports pages. The button for Reward Reports is located between Team Reports and Additional Reports.

There are potentially five links within Reward Reports. Two of these link to current reports but will move to this new location. These two are:

  • Flex Report: You will no longer see a navigation button for Flex Reports. This button was replaced by the Reward Reports button and the link for past year’s Flex Reports is now located within Reward Reports. You must select the date for the report year you want to view. This report is for past years’ data for your information and records and the link will not display for demonstrators with start dates of 1 October 2020 or later.
  • Quick Start: this link will only display for demonstrators who are currently in their Quick Start period or for past participants with the date selected during their Quick Start period. The only change to the Quick Start report is to display the benefit of product credits rather than flex points.
    To note: If a demonstrator earned their 3-month Quick Start prior to 1 October 2020 and earns their 6-month Quick Start after 1 October, they will see both flex points (for the 3-month goal) and product credits (for the 6-month goal) on this report. 

The other three reports are new and will help you track some of the new rewards and recognition changes. They are:

  • Product Credit: displays all of the activity for product credits you earn and redeem. You will also clearly see your total available product credits as well as any amount unused on an individual product credit.
    Because you will redeem your credits from a total balance accumulated, the system will reduce your balance from the credits with the earliest expiration date first. You will want to watch for product credits that will expire soon. Once they expire, we cannot get them back.
  • Event Registration: displays all of the events for the current Stampin’ Up! year that you have registered for and the details for each event. You will also see if you have earned a free event so you can plan to use it on your choice of event during the Stampin’ Up! year.
  • Incentive Trip: displays a visual tracker of your progress toward earning the incentive trip. You will be able to clearly identify your total earned points with a color-coded graph grouping your incentive trip points into those earned for personal sales, direct-level qualified team members, personal title advancements, and direct team member title advancements. Even the current month “pending” points will display and grow throughout the month. Pending points will finalize with month-end commissions.
    An incentive trip tracker is also available in a Team Member Report—accessed through the Team Reports by clicking on the name of an individual team member. The graph is slightly different from your personal incentive trip graph. The team member graph will display the total points earned but will not be broken out by categories.


World Cardmaking Day is almost here, and what’s not to love about a holiday that celebrates papercrafting (and the power it has to touch lives)? Making and sharing cards is so much more fun with friends, so be sure to let your customers know that they should spread the word about this holiday, too! 

You’ll want to schedule an event on or near 3 October so you can celebrate the day—and don’t forget to remind your customers to buy envelopes! We want them to be able to pop their handmade greetings in the mail. Learn more about World Cardmaking Day and see training videos here


Celebrate the season early with curvy stamps, dies, and more! With early-release and exclusive products, the Quite Curvy Variety Bundle offers everything you need to create one-of-a-kind crafts for a variety of special occasions. This bundle will be available for demonstrators between 1 October 2020 and 4 January 2021, with customers able to purchase beginning 3 November. For more details about this promotion, check back here in October!


With teleconferencing becoming one of the most preferred methods of communication, we’ve released a new teleconference background resource to use in your business! Check it out in DBWS under Demonstrator Resources. Here is a quick how-to document to guide you through uploading a teleconference background to your preferred teleconference software. We use Zoom as an example, but the process should be similar for other software. Enjoy!


Tomorrow Paper Pumpkin will send out our monthly email newsletter to subscribers. This newsletter contains great information about the latest kit and includes an instructional video, a link to alternate projects, coordinating products, and upcoming kit sneaks. Check it out here (US | CA), then be sure to remind your subscribers to check their email tomorrow for the latest Paper Pumpkin news.


In the recently announced changes to our Rewards and Recognition program, Sara introduced an exciting new event for Million Sales Achievers. Those who cross any million CSV threshold during the Stampin’ Up! year will be invited to an exclusive retreat together at the home office the following year. 

Here’s a glimpse at just some of the things they will experience at the new Million Sales Retreat.

  • Gathering with a small group of demonstrators in the Salt Lake City, Utah area to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments. We’ll communicate exact timing and location of the retreat each year.
  • The three-day event will be hosted by Shelli and Sara and will include gathering, training, recognition, relaxation, stamping, and fun! There will be a variety of activities and options, based on personal preference and need. 
  • Each achiever may bring one guest.  
  • Time with Stampin’ Up! employees to meet, interact, and get a behind-the-scenes peek into all the happenings.

We are excited for these changes and look forward to this new annual Million Sales Retreat for all our outstanding achievers each year. It’s sure to be a one-in-a-million experience! 

To help transition to the new format, achievers prior to 1 October 2020 who have not had their home office visit will be able to choose between an individual trip, joining the 2021 or 2022 retreat, or a cash out. Achievers after 1 October 2020 will have the option to defer their retreat for one year or a cash out if they are unable to attend. 

On a separate note, first-time Million Sales Achievers will collaborate with an illustrator or designer to create their million sales stamp set for inclusion in future Stampin’ Up! publications. This occurs separately from the retreat, via technology, so the timing is closer to the achievement. 


To review last week’s updates, click here.


If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator