UPDATES: September 10, 2019: Weekly Updates

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UPDATES: September 10, 2019: Weekly Updates

Blythe Klipple


September 10, 2019

New DBWS Launch Reminder

Just a reminder for those who have been waiting—the new DBWS launches on September 10 beginning at 10:00 PM (MT). It may take up to 24 hours for sites in all available markets to display in the new format. We will launch the app the week of September 23, 2019. This app will be available to all DBWS subscribers at no additional charge.

Subscribers should have received an email with additional information about the switchover. If not, please contact Demonstrator Support at 1 800 STAMP UP or ds@stampinup.com. To see a video overview of the new DBWS, visit the Demonstrator Planning Place and search for “New DBWS Walkthrough.”

We hope you’re looking forward to enjoying all that the new DBWS has to offer! It won’t be long now!

Last Week to Register for November OnStage!

The last day to register for November OnStage is September 17, so if you haven’t already then make it happen today! Connections are the heart of what Stampin’ Up! is all about—connecting with others through the cards you make and send, with your team and fellow demonstrators, and with the passion you have for creativity and sharing what you love. At OnStage we celebrate all these meaningful connections so plan to join us at a location near you and let’s celebrate together!

These locations still have spots available:

  • Hartford, CT, US
  • Portland, OR, US
  • Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Dortmund, Germany for OnStage Live

Learn more about OnStage here.

Register here.

New Logo Items Coming Soon!

Do you love logo items? We have more for you coming soon! Spice up your Stampin’ Up! business with a variety of logo items, and there is no limit to the number of items you can purchase, so check out the Supply Items page and the online store soon to market your business in style!

Paper Pumpkin: Better Than a Box Full of Puppies 

Paper Pumpkin enlisted the help of some furry friends to create some new, unique, and original marketing assets that you can share to show your customers just how fun opening a Paper Pumpkin box can be. FYI, these marketing tools have the puppy seal of approval. *wink* Check them out here!

Bone Appétit: Last Day to Subscribe

Eek! Today’s the LAST DAY to subscribe for our special-edition Halloween Paper Pumpkin kit. Remind your customers and make sure that no one misses this bone-chilling kit. Trust us. It gives new meaning to the word “handmade.” (Cue the spooky laughter!) Learn more here.

Get Ready for World Card Making Day 

World Card Making Day is October 5! Get ready to party with us by hosting cardmaking events around the globe. The DDMs will check in on the Demonstrator Planning Place at the top of the hour from 4:00 PM (MT) on October 4 until 8:00 PM (MT) on October 5 and we’d love for you to check in and share your events with us too. Share photos, videos, and comments with us! 

In case you’re wondering, we don’t have a promotion planned for this day, but we see it as the perfect opportunity to gather, connect, share, and create with your customers. And to help you out, our DDMs will host “Craft with Us” sessions to share project ideas and tips! Three different sessions will repeat three times in various languages during the 28-hour block. Click here for the full schedule.

Craft with Us Sessions will feature the following products. You can make it easier by showcasing these products as well. 

  • Session One: To A Wild Rose Bundle
  • Session Two: Bird Ballad Suite (specifically the Bird Ballad Laser-cut Cards & Tin)
  • Session Three: Follow Your Art Suite

But, the fun doesn’t stop there! What’s better than creating a handmade card? Sending it of course! That’s why we’re also excited to announce the first annual World Card Sending Week from Sunday, October 6 to Saturday, October 12. We’re setting a goal to send 50,000 cards that week—that’s about one per demonstrator, but of course your customers’ cards count too! 

Head over to the Demonstrator Planning Place now to prepare, get ideas from each other, and share with us what type of event you’re planning for World Card Making Day!

Die-Cutting and Embossing Product Line Update

Good news! We’re well under way into the transition of our new-style die and embossing folders, and have heard that you and your customers are enjoying creating projects using the new style. 

We’d like to share these updates on the line with you:

  • All carryover 3D embossing folders are now available to purchase in the new style except for the three below. We’ll let you know when these become available in the new style.
    • Corrugated 3D Embossing Folder
    • Layered Leaves 3D Embossing Folder 
    • Tufted 3D Embossing Folder
  • We will continue to use up the old-style inventory on carryover dies and standard embossing folders and once that is depleted, they’ll be sold in the new style. 
  • We are continuing our development on a new die-cutting & embossing machine, and it’s going well. It will be quite some time before we will have more information to share about the new machine. We’re excited with where it’s heading, and we think you will be too!
  • In the meantime, continue to promote our dies and embossing folders. Let your customers know that they can use them with any machine (in some cases, adaptations like shims may be required). If your customers don’t own a machine, consider letting them use yours, or let them know they can purchase one from a craft store. We realize it’s not optimal to send them elsewhere to purchase a machine, but it will allow you to continue promoting and selling the dies and embossing folders to your customers.
  • We’re continuing to make improvements to our dies and embossing folders. We aim to continually work with our vendors to make minor changes over time to improve your crafting experience. 
  • Because we don’t have a lot of changes happening right now with the die line, we will remove the Die-Cutting and Embossing Product Line Changes page from the demonstrator website on September 17, 2019. We will move the 3D Embossing Folder Plate flyer to the catalog page at that time as well. We want to give you a heads up in case you’d like to save any of the information before we remove the page.

As we have more information to share about this product line we will keep you posted!

Use the 3D Embossing Folder Plate for Optimal Embossing

Have you and your customers tried out the new 3D Embossing Folder Plate designed to work with our new-style 3D embossing folders (which are thinner than our old-style Dynamic folders)? It makes for an easier embossing experience than going without it in your die-cutting & embossing machine. Without the new 3D Embossing Folder Plate, you need to use several shims with the Standard Cutting Pad in your 3D embossing folder sandwich, depending on the die-cutting & embossing machine you use. 

Download and print the 3D Embossing Folder Plate flyer on the catalog page, and keep it in your catalog so you can share it with your customers when they purchase 3D embossing folders.


How to Use the New Plate

The new plate makes up the difference in measurement between our old-style Dynamic Folders and our new-style 3D Folders in 21 mm gap machines (similar to the machine we used to offer). The 3D Embossing Folder Plate replaces the Standard Cutting Pads in your 3D embossing folder sandwich for continued high-quality emboss results.

To create your emboss sandwich:

  • Use a die-cutting & embossing machine platform as a base; no matter which machine you’re using, use the standard platform that comes with your machine.
  • Use the 3D Embossing Folder with your paper in the middle.
  • Then use the 3D Embossing Folder Plate on top.

Given the differences in machines and platforms, you may still have to add a shim to get your desired embossing results. (You can also spritz your paper before embossing to maximize your embossed impressions.)

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator