UPDATES: October 2, 2018: New This Week

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UPDATES: October 2, 2018: New This Week

Blythe Klipple


We’d Like Your Feedback on Holiday Catalog 

It’s already been a couple of weeks since the holiday catalog was launched, and we hope you’re thoroughly enjoying the new products! We’re eager to receive your feedback because we’re always looking for ways to improve. So, let us know your feedback via our fun tool, the Product Idea Sandbox.

And, of course, should you have any other product suggestions independently from this catalog, the Sandbox is the place to make them, too.

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Paper Pumpkin Flash Sale Coming Soon

Autumn is here, and to celebrate, Paper Pumpkin is running an exciting flash sale to help you reach your new subscriber goals. Beginning October 8, we will make a limited number of $5 USD/$7 CAD kits available to new subscribers. The sale ends when the supply runs out or on October 10 (the end of the subscription period), whichever comes first. Check the promotional page for details, training, and resources to help you make the most of this exciting sale. Your customers will not get a better introductory price for a Paper Pumpkin subscription this year, so be sure to spread the word!

And we have more great news! When the flash sale ends, we’ll roll directly into November’s holiday-themed kit which features a specially designed box. Make sure all of those new subscribers (and your current subscribers) know that they should stick around for November’s exclusive holiday kit! More information to come!


World Card Making Day Is Coming Soon!

Are you prepared to celebrate one of the best days of the year? Make sure to check the promotion page on September 30 for more information!

Snowflake Showcase

Get excited for an exclusive promotion with limited-time products. The promotion starts for customers on November 1, 2018. Check back October 1 for demonstrator preorder details!

Flex Point Coupon Codes Coming Soon!

To help you use some of your remaining flex points before time runs out, we’re adding last minute coupon codes to the Flex Account! These coupon codes will be 700 flex points each and will be available October 8–31. One coupon code is good for $5 USD/$7 CAD worth of Stampin’ Up! products, and each demonstrator can redeem for up to three coupon codes. You can use these coupon codes yourself, or you can give them away! Because the coupon codes will be valid for a limited time period during the holiday season, we encourage you to give them to customers who might not otherwise place an order during that time. Let them know they can use the coupon code any time between midnight (MT) on November 23, 2018, and 11:59 PM (MT) on December 11, 2018. Then help them pick out some favorite products from holiday or annual catalog. 

Once you redeem points for a coupon code in the Flex Account, you will receive a confirmation email; the confirmation email will not include your coupon code. Coupon codes will be emailed out around the middle of November. You will receive one email that includes all of your coupon codes. It will also include a printable coupon that you can give to a customer. 

We hope this will help you use some of your remaining flex points, incent or reward your customers, and maybe even give your sales a little boost. Watch for coupon codes in the Flex Account on October 8!

Flex Account Product Credits

As previously announced, we are making some changes to Flex Account Product Credits on October 1, 2018. Product Credits will be unavailable from 9:00 AM to noon (MT) on September 25 while we make the necessary changes to our systems. Please do not use Product Credits on any orders during that time. In addition, if you have any Product Credits saved on orders in modify status, those Product Credits will be removed, and you will need to add them back to the order after the downtime.

Greece Incentive Trip Registration Will Begin November 5

Have you earned enough flex points to redeem for the 2019 incentive trip to Greece? If you have—congrats! That’s a huge achievement. Are you close to earning 160,000 flex points? Keep going—you have until the end of September to get there. You can do it! If you’re planning on joining us in Greece, you’ll need to redeem your flex points for the trip by October 31, 2018. 

For your convenience, you can now find price information for hotel rooms before the cruise and additional guests and cabins for this trip. Visit the 2019 Incentive Trip page.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator