UPDATES: MAY 12, 2020: ??????

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UPDATES: MAY 12, 2020: ??????

Blythe Klipple

Well, as of 8 a.m. MT (Idaho), there are no WEEKLY UPDATES posted.  I’ll keep watching.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator


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Re: SU!: UPDATES: MAY 12, 2020: ??????


The Update is there, but the link is not showing. Here you go:


12 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Like many of you, we are continuing to follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage. We are monitoring news of the situation as it unfolds and we’re working to account for its possible impact to several business aspects that will affect demonstrators (manufacturing, transportation, travel, events, etc.). The health and safety of demonstrators and staff is important to us and we appreciate your partnership and patience as we work to address this global issue.

We are doing all we can to mitigate the impact to your business, including air freighting products when possible. Each week we will update the list below with the products in your market that we know will be (or already are) affected by these delays:

  • 148288: Paper Pumpkin Clear Stamp Block
  • 118487: Clear Block A
  • 118491: Clear Block Bundle
  • 151296: Label Me Lovely Punch
  • 144146: Gold 3/8" (1 cm) Metallic-Edge Ribbon
  • 144213: Silver 3/8" (1 cm) Metallic-Edge Ribbon
  • 146912: Whisper White 5/8" (1.6 cm) Tulle Polka Dot Ribbon
  • 151771: Layering Ovals Dies
  • 151193: Champagne Rhinestone Basic Jewels
  • 149612: Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper

Product Production

All the factories we use in China are up and running. Some are at 100% capacity and others are still moving in that direction. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused more delays than usual in our ability to replenish products, and we currently have several items in Not Orderable status. Air freight coming from China is also in high demand, making it difficult to expedite products.

Our manufacturing facility in North America continues to work overtime and operate on two shifts. However, we have separated the shifts by an hour in an effort to reduce COVID-19 exposure risk, which has caused a decrease in production. In addition, we are currently understaffed, as a number of employees are unable to come into work at this time. We have brought on a number of temporary workers and are training this additional help. This also lowers our capacity for several weeks as we bring them up to speed, but will provide us greater capacity once they are fully trained. We are working hard to minimize backorders of stamps, Classic Stampin’ Ink, and cardstock, but there will be backorders on these products in the coming months—especially as our ability to react quickly to unexpected product demands is hindered due to the current situation. We currently have numerous stamps on backorder, and while we are working hard to produce stamps, you can expect to see these types of backorders for the next several weeks.

We are seeing delays in production from some of our North American suppliers as they make efforts to keep their employees safe as we have. They are all continuing to produce products and if that changes, we will let you know.


We are doing all we can to get orders out as quickly as possible, but you will continue to see more shipping delays than normal during this pandemic. With the Last-Chance Products promotion and the annual catalog preorder, combined with our current split shifts, we expect delays to increase and it will be several weeks (possibly a few months) before we can get back to our normal shipping timeframes. We are currently shipping orders about seven days out, and that delay is likely to increase, especially as we receive significantly more expedited orders than normal.

While we would normally bring in extra help at a time like this, the current pandemic makes this more difficult. We will continue to update you on the situation from week to week. Please be patient with us as we work to balance the health of our employees with the needs of our demonstrators and customers.

To lower the COVID-19 exposure risk, we split our order fulfillment operation from one shift into two shifts. Each group works 12-hour days with one coming in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the other reporting in on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. (With this change in schedule, you may receive an order confirmation on Saturday, however, be aware that orders fulfilled on Saturday will not be picked up and processed until Monday.) For information about how UPS continues to respond to this situation, click here.


The Maui incentive trip is moving to May 2021. Our first-ever BackStage business conference for leaders will be held in August 2021. And this year’s November OnStage Live and Local events will be held virtually at some point during the dates already scheduled: 5–7 November 2020. There is still much uncertainty about the state of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the coming year and people’s ability to travel in November, so we decided it’s in everyone’s best interest to move the event to a virtual platform.

Heart of Stampin’ Up! applications are now LIVE!

The application for the Heart of Stampin’ Up! Award is now open! Only COMPLETED applications will be considered. You can find information about the new Heart of Stampin’ Up! Award and the link to the online application under the “Making a Difference” section of the demonstrator website. The last day to submit your application is 30 June 2020, so be sure to get yours in!

There’s still time to help make a difference!

Join us in supporting efforts to share sunshine and fight COVID-19! Through our Making a Difference program we are offering the Share Sunshine PDF Download, a digital stamp set packed with both lighthearted and heartfelt sentiments and imagery relevant to the unique COVID-19 and social distancing situation we’re currently in. For every purchased download, Stampin’ Up! will donate 100% of the proceeds to COVID-19 efforts. Help us make a difference to vulnerable communities and frontline workers!

Together we are making a difference, and since the launch of our Share Sunshine PDF, we have raised over $161,000 USD to support organizations that are helping COVID-19 frontline responders and communities vulnerable to the pandemic.

Learn more here.

June Paper Pumpkin Subscription Period Now Open

Tell your customers about the exciting June Paper Pumpkin Box of Sunshine kit designed to help you do your part to #sharesunshine. Learn more about the Sara-inspired June kit here.

New My Ready Reference Card

We’ve created a new resource for My Ready Reference! Click here to get the Stampin’ Up! Values card.

Help Us Combat Counterfeit Stampin’ Up! Products

Our entire Stampin’ Up! family is negatively impacted when Stampin’ Up!’s artwork and products, (our intellectual property), are illegally reproduced and sold. Infringement and theft of our intellectual property has increased rapidly the last few years, and counterfeit methods continue to become more brazen and sophisticated.

We will continue to protect the Stampin’ Up! brand and our products as a critical priority and have significantly increased our efforts to identify counterfeit products sold online. We are monitoring large sales platforms such as AliExpress/Alibaba, Wish, Amazon, eBay, Google, Etsy, Ricardo, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and we will file requests to remove counterfeit products as they are listed. We will continue to evaluate how to best combat this ever-evolving and perpetual issue, including legal action. Unfortunately, no singular action exists to stop all counterfeiting. It’s a daily effort that’s time consuming, complex, expensive, and despite every effort, we are sometimes unsuccessful. This problem isn’t unique to Stampin’ Up!, and pursuing counterfeiters across international borders is particularly difficult, but we will keep fighting!

Thank you for the responses last time we asked for help. Identifying counterfeit product is a daily effort and we want to remind you how you can make a difference.

You can help us combat counterfeiting you see by sending an email to Infringements@stampinup.com with the following information:

  • A link to the webpage where counterfeit products are shown or listed (direct links are preferred over screenshots)
  • Name of the stamp set/product (if known)
  • Any other relevant details

Please note: The email address above is dedicated strictly to counterfeit product reporting; all other general or compliance inquiries should continue to be sent to Demonstrator Support.

Thanks for your continued support as we work to protect Stampin’ Up!’s intellectual property.

Internal Inventory System Shut Off

Our internal inventory system will be shut off from noon on 15 May to noon on 18 May (MT), as we upgrade the system technology.

This shut off will affect all markets and you can expect the following:

  • You and your customers may continue placing orders as normal.
  • We will continue to fill and ship orders.
  • Order and shipping statuses will not update while the system is shut down.
  • Out of inventory items will display normal messaging until the system is back up and can remove them on Monday.

As an internal system upgrade, you and your customers should not notice any difference once the system is back online. Note: This upgrade is not related to the online store enhancements our teams continue to work on.

Previously Announced

To review last week’s updates, click here.

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

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Well, as of 8 a.m. MT (Idaho), there are no WEEKLY UPDATES posted.  I’ll keep watching.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator


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