UPDATES: MAY 10, 2017: Copper Trim and Glitter Enamel Dots

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UPDATES: MAY 10, 2017: Copper Trim and Glitter Enamel Dots

Blythe Klipple

Current Update Details

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Copper Trim and Glitter Enamel Dots

If you’re like the thousands of people who really love our new Copper Trim and Glitter Enamel Dots, then you probably noticed they’re on backorder until July.

The Glitter Enamel Dots have sold over 10,000 units since becoming available on the Product Purchase Premier (during OnStage), whereas the enamel shapes in the current catalog haven’t sold that many in the last nine months! And the Copper Trim, also available on the Product Purchase Premier, has sold over 8,000 units—2,000-3,000 more than our gold and silver trims have sold in almost a year’s time. Remarkably, neither the Copper Trim nor the Glitter Enamel Dots was rated particularly high in the survey we sent to select demonstrators during our product forecasting process. So your love of these products took us completely by surprise!

We realize that a new product being on backorder until the end of July is a problem for your businesses, so we have reached out to our manufacturers to try and get that timeframe shortened. While we don’t know at this time how much faster we’ll be able to get them, continue to monitor the Inventory Status Report for a new estimated availability date. And, in the meantime, if we get any more information, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator