UPDATES: July 23, 2019: Weekly Updates

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UPDATES: July 23, 2019: Weekly Updates

Blythe Klipple

Preorder and Complimentary Catalogs

The holiday catalog will go live to your customers on September 4, but the preorder begins on August 1 for you. It’s a great chance to try new products and prepare for your September events. 

Remember: Your complimentary copy of the catalog will be included with your first demonstrator order August 1–11.

If you do not place a demonstrator order August 1–11, your complimentary copy of the catalog will be shipped via standard (bulk) shipping the week of August 12. Keep in mind that catalogs sent via standard (bulk) shipping can take up to three weeks to arrive, depending on your location. If you’d like to get your hands on a complimentary holiday catalog before the customer sales period begins, don’t forget to place an order during demonstrator preorder! You can find a PDF of the catalog on the Catalogs page until your physical copy arrives.

Other important reminders:

  • The mailing selector period ends July 31. You may only place one order during the open selection period, so make sure everything is correct before you close it.
  • With the preorder starting next week, important news could come up that needs to be communicated right away. With that in mind, we may be posting some updates outside of our normal Weekly Update process, so be sure to check the website daily until the preorder goes live on August 1.
  • Visit the Catalog Details page for important dates and information relating to the launch of the new catalog.
  • Get All the OnStage Location Details Today

    We’re so excited to connect with you at an OnStage event this November.

    Take a few minutes today to:

    • Visit the November OnStage page and to learn more information about each event.
    • Put these important dates in your calendar:
      • OnStage Registration: August 20–September 17, 2019 
      • OnStage Live in Dortmund, Germany: November 14–16, 2019
      • CentreStage Live in Dortmund, Germany (silver elite and above): Wednesday evening, November 13, 2019
      • OnStage Locals throughout North America and South Pacific: November 16, 2019
      • CentreStage Locals throughout North America and South Pacific (silver elite and above): November 15, 2019

    We can’t wait to connect with you in November!

    This Week’s Succeed Weekly

    If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator