UPDATES: July 21, 2020: Weekly Updates 21 July 21, 2020

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UPDATES: July 21, 2020: Weekly Updates 21 July 21, 2020

Blythe Klipple


The customer sales period for the August–December 2020 Mini Catalog is quickly approaching! Take a minute to review the Catalog Details page for important dates and information. While you’re there, check out how to order single catalogs beginning 4 August 2020!

Here are some important reminders:

  • OEX will be unavailable on 4 August 2020, from midnight to 3:00 AM (MT) while we transition our systems to the new catalog. Demonstrator ordering will be available again no later than 3:00 AM (MT).
  • As the August–December mini catalog launch approaches, we may need to provide you with information outside of our normal Weekly Updates; we encourage you to check the demonstrator website regularly.

You can still participate in the preorder; get all the details here.


As mentioned in a few weekly updates last month, the Federal Trade Commission is focusing on earnings claims made by independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrators. In order to help in your communication with customers, future team members, and fellow demonstrators, we are instituting a new policy titled Earnings, Lifestyle, and Product Claims. This new policy will replace the current Potential Income Earning Statements policy found in the Demonstrator Policies Document. The new policy will be published in the Demonstrator Policies Document later this year and is included below for your reference.

Earnings, Lifestyle, and Product Claims

Stampin’ Up! makes no promises or claims related to potential earnings claims, lifestyle claims, or product benefit claims to demonstrators or customers, nor are demonstrators allowed to do so. Making false or misleading earnings, lifestyle, or product claims is not allowed. As demonstrators share and discuss Stampin’ Up! business opportunities and products, please consider the following.

Earnings Claims: Demonstrators may not provide false or misleading information with regards to potential earnings as an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. Misleading information includes uncommon results that are not generally achievable without consistent and considerable effort over time. Demonstrators may not share information about actual earnings that are not common, or imply results that are not typical of the average demonstrator. All prospective and existing demonstrators should have realistic expectations about financial earnings within the realm opportunity as an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

Lifestyle Claims: Recruiting efforts should not imply that joining Stampin’ Up! will provide the ability to acquire wealth, extravagant lifestyles, or trips. Demonstrators may not promise or imply that certain lifestyles are enabled with the earnings, rewards, or recognition programs associated with being a demonstrator. Demonstrators should avoid referencing monetary gains and unique experiences outside of the context of the work and time required to reach those rare achievements. This includes sharing images, videos, or descriptions in any way that implies that potential recruits are also likely to achieve them.

Product Benefit Claims: Demonstrators must avoid implying that any Stampin’ Up! products or activities cure or treat any health or wellness issues. It should not be implied that products or stamping-related activities replace or supplement any medical or emotional treatments recommended by a doctor or qualified healthcare professional.


The current Canada and United States online stores will go offline at midnight (MT) on 4 August and will remain offline permanently from that point forward. The new Canada English, Canada French, and United States online stores will go live at 7:00 AM (MT) on 4 August. 

Demonstrators will be able to start ordering through Order Entry Express (OEX) when it comes back online no later than 3:00 AM (MT), as indicated elsewhere in today’s updates. Orders may be placed on the new online store starting at 7:00 AM (MT), when the sites launch.

Please share this timing information with your customers. We will add a notification to the current online store regarding the 4 August transition (including the seven-hour downtime), so customers will also be informed there.


Since we’re unable to gather together in person this year, we are excited to offer a virtual OnStage event you can enjoy from the comfort of your own living room on 5–7 November 2020! OnStage@Home will take place shortly after the beginning of the Stampin’ Up! year, so we can start it off right—with inspiration, recognition for your accomplishments from the year before, and new products in action from the January–June Mini Catalog and Sale-A-Bration brochure. You’ll see stamping and business presentations, receive messages from the home office, and enjoy a chance to virtually network with other demonstrators and Stampin’ Up! staff.

Get ready because registration starts 11 August! Visit the OnStage page to learn all about it.


We’re happy to announce that the following products are in stock and available for purchase.

  • Stampin’ Pierce Mat (item 126199)


To review last week’s updates, click here.


If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator