UPDATES: February 6, 2018: Weekly Updates

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UPDATES: February 6, 2018: Weekly Updates

Blythe Klipple

The Fast Fuse 5-Day Sale Is Coming!

As you may remember, the response to our Fast Fuse promotion last fall was phenomenal. In fact, your enthusiasm was so overwhelming we simply didn’t have the inventory to keep the deal running! So, as promised, we’re bringing back the Fast Fuse Adhesive deal for five days only—while supplies last! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this promotion, here’s how it works: When you buy ONE Fast Fuse Adhesive, you’ll get TWO Fast Fuse Adhesive refills for FREE!

This deal will start on February 8 and end on February 12. Remember, that’s five days only—while supplies last! Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare to stock up, save, and share this fabulous deal with your customers!

Paper Pumpkin Prepaids + Sale-A-Bration

Sale-A-Bration is here, which means it’s time to start promoting Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscriptions. 

Wait. What?,/p>

Yep, you read that correctly. Sale-A-Bration is the perfect time to encourage your customers who have been on the fence to try out our Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscriptions. Why now? Because they will automatically earn FREE Sale-A-Bration items when they purchase a 3-, 6-, or 12-month prepaid subscription. What better time to embark on their Paper Pumpkin experience than now?

Check out the Paper Pumpkin and Sale-A-Bration page for more details, tips, and resources to promote Paper Pumpkin and Sale-A-Bration together through March 31, then don’t wait . . . give your customers a call and share this great news today!

Happy Fifth Anniversary to Paper Pumpkin 

Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach FIVE wonderful years with Paper Pumpkin! As part of our anniversary celebration, we have a fun surprise for our subscribers: a March kit that includes a fantastic, FREE gift and a specially designed, one-of-a-kind box. The celebration begins February 11 and runs until March 10. Make sure you check the demonstrator site on February 11 for more information, tips, and resources to help you promote this exciting Paper Pumpkin milestone. 

Get Paper Pumpkin Supply Items at 40% Off

For a limited time, Paper Pumpkin grid paper, pens, shopping bags, and more are 40% off! (Exclusions apply; see below.) Use these fun supply items as swag at your events (they make great Paper Pumpkin conversation starters!). You could also give them to anyone who places an order at your next workshop—or to new and current Paper Pumpkin subscribers. 

Purchase by June 1 or while supplies last. These items will be discontinued after the sale, so get yours before they’re gone! See them here and stock up today!

Exclusions: This 40% off offer does not apply to our Bold Botanicals Party Pack (item 148952) or our Paper Pumpkin Clear Stamp Block (item 148288).

Reports: Did You Know?

Did you know your reports are updated multiple times each day? If you’ve been with us for a few years, you probably remember when reports were only updated once a day. We’re happy that the increased frequency has been helpful. If you follow your reports closely, it might seem that these updates follow a consistent schedule from one day to the next. While that might be the case sometimes, other times the update schedule will vary. On occasion, it might take up to eight hours for the next update. Under the header on each page of your reports, it will tell you the date and time when they were last updated. If you notice it’s been more than eight hours since the last update, please contact Demonstrator Support. You can access your reports by clicking the drop-down arrow by your name at the top of the demonstrator website and selecting My Reports from the list, or you can access them under Business Resources>My Reports.

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!


Five Questions about OnStage

During each OnStage registration period, we get questions about how Stampin’ Up! chooses OnStage locations and venues. These questions and more were answered in a previous Five Questions video, which can be found here.

You can also find any of our other Five Questions videos on the demonstrator website by going to Happening Now>The Inside Story, and then selecting the Five Questions playlist.

2019 Incentive Trip to Greece: Updated Trip Dates

Love your family? We do too! And we want to make sure the people you love are able to join you on the 2019 Incentive Trip with our additional guest buy-in options. Unfortunately, when Royal Carribean Cruise Line recently altered our sailing dates, we later discovered that the new sailing date wouldn’t allow for you to bring additional guests. So we worked with the cruise line to find a sailing date that will better accommodate your guests.

The new sailing dates are July 7–14, 2019.

Use this tracker to help keep you on the path to Greece. Learn more about the trip here.

Last Day to Qualify for OnStage Recognition is February 28

Have questions about recognition taking place at OnStage? We have answers! In April we’ll recognize the following categories: Career-to-Date Sales Milestone, Title Advancement, Stampin’ Up! Anniversary, and Quick Start. As a reminder, the final date to qualify for recognition in these categories is February 28. We look forward to seeing you at OnStage!

Is the OnStage Event You Want Sold Out?

If you were hoping to attend OnStage and the event you’d like is sold out, make sure to contact Demonstrator Support and get on the waitlist. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to increase the capacity at any of the events, but as we receive cancellations, demonstrators on the waitlist will be invited to register for the event.

Recruiting Policy Reminder

Recruiting a new demonstrator without their knowledge is strictly prohibited. Manipulation of Stampin’ Up! recruiting policies to achieve gain that would not otherwise be received will result in loss of earnings and awards and may also potentially lead to the termination of a demonstrator’s demonstratorship. As demonstrators recruit, they must also avoid the following unethical behaviors (and others as may be defined by the company): 

  • Demonstrators may not ask for a customer’s Social Security or Social Insurance number with their order in an effort to sign them up as a demonstrator without their knowledge.
  • Demonstrators may not sign up individuals without the new recruit personally accepting and agreeing to the IDA. They must personally choose to be a demonstrator and willingly be bound by all agreements.
  • Demonstrators must only sign up new recruits who have expressed an intention to participate in the Stampin’ Up! experience.
  • New recruits must purchase the Starter Kit themselves, and an active demonstrator may not purchase it for them.

Once a demonstrator has recruited a new team member, they must follow these guidelines: 

  • Demonstrators may not place and pay for orders for a team member. Once new recruits have signed up as demonstrators, they must place and pay for their own orders. Although a demonstrator may be an occasional customer of their new recruit, they, as the team leader (or other members of the demonstrator’s team), cannot place their own workshop, customer, or significant personal orders with the new recruit for the purpose of helping them to advance or otherwise get gain. 
  • Demonstrators may not enter their payment information in a new recruit’s Payment Profile. The new team member must enter their own payment information in their Payment Profile. Abiding by this guideline protects both parties from any possible fraud, identity theft, or tax liability issues. Payment information includes any credit card, direct deposit, and checking account information. If the new recruit is unable to provide direct deposit, credit card, or checking account information, they should contact Demonstrator Support. 
  • Demonstrators may not enter their own contact information in their recruit’s profile. The recruit should provide accurate contact information (including their own address, email, and phone number) in their profile. If the recruit is unable to provide contact information when they are signing up, such as an email address, they should contact Demonstrator Support in order to join.

Stamparatus Magnets

As many of you may know, high-quality magnets are included with the Stamparatus and enable you to securely anchor your paper to the Stamparatus platform. While we include information about these special magnets in the tool packaging, we wanted to provide you with additional context regarding their use.

Neodymium magnets (also known as rare earth magnets) are very brittle; they are also the strongest magnets available for papercrafting and are therefore standard stamp placement tool accessories in the papercrafting industry. When placed on your paper, they attract the thin, magnetic plate inside the stamping tool and prevent your paper from slipping. 

Rare earth magnets must be handled with care. Lower quality magnets can snap together without effect, but all rare earth magnets (though strong) can shatter, crack, or chip regardless of shape or size. This does not indicate a manufacturing defect. Stamparatus magnets are safe when they are used as intended. 

Here are some tips to follow when using Stamparatus magnets. 

  • Individual magnets are extremely strong; most projects should only require one magnet.
  • Store the magnets under the base when they are not in use so they are always separated.
  • When using both magnets on a project, be mindful of their placement on the base; the further apart they are, the better.
  • If your magnets do snap together, twisting them apart is the easiest way to separate them. 
  • Handle the magnets with care to avoid injury. If they snap together, Stamparatus magnets can pinch fingers or shatter.
  • Children should not play with, touch, or use Stamparatus magnets. Please store the magnets in their storage compartment when they are not in use.
  • Magnets can interfere with pacemakers; if this is a concern, please consult your physician for more information.
  • Magnets can damage electronic devices, e.g. computer hard drives, magnetized credit and debit cards, etc.
  • Magnets are a choking hazard; they should not be placed inside the mouth.
  • If the magnets do crack, chip, or shatter, we will be unable to replace them; they are not under warranty and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • If the magnets do crack, chip, or shatter, we do not recommend using them as they may have sharp edges.

These magnets are great tools when used in conjunction with the Stamparatus. Simply use them with care and follow the tips outlined above, and you will ensure a great stamping experience for you and your customers. 

We invite you to share the information above with fellow demonstrators and customers. Note: Stamparatus magnets will be sold separately in the 2018-2019 annual catalog.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator